Sports Bag: State of golf courses


Sports Editor;

P.S.C. members have recently written up an article about the very poor state of the Emerald Golf Course and its very high fees. They moan and say they will “place balls” on the course until it improves. But if it is that bad, why continue to support the club? Articles in newspapers will mean nothing to the course’s Thai owners, but action by loss of business will get their attention. Why not get other members of P.S.C. to help by supporting a blockade against playing at all clubs of very poor quality and high fees?

Thai golf course fees have gone up around 50% on average since 2010 but the courses have not improved by that much, and in some cases have got worse. Why not set up an info page on P.S.C.’s web site with updates on courses for all to see so they will be in the know and can make a decision as to where they play next? This might help improve things.

Carl While