Sports Bag: Joe Mooneyham appointed new ambassador for EGA


The East Coast Golf Course Management Association (EGA) would like to announce that after serving for 5 years as Golf Chairman and Vice President of the Pattaya Sports Club, the EGA recently asked Joe Mooneyham if he would be interested in becoming the Expat Golf Ambassador for the EGA, and we are happy to report that he has accepted the role.

Joe has previously been a tremendous asset to the EGA with the running of the Caddy Program/Championship.  He has come to most of our qualifying tournaments and serves as an on course rules official and also helps with the scoring.  We have seen these events grow every year and now have qualifying tournaments all over Thailand and the Championship has grown to include seven other Asian countries which now participate in the Champion’s tournament.

Joe MooneyhamJoe Mooneyham

Everywhere we go, Joe has spread the word of Pattaya Sports Club and what they do to support local charities.  Almost 2 years ago, Joe was asked if he would like to represent Thailand at a goodwill fun golf tournament located in Japan and he said yes.  This event included business people from all over Thailand and Joe was the only foreigner to represent Thailand.  This was a 4-day event and besides Japan, China, Taiwan & S. Korea also sent their representatives for this worthy event.

Again Joe told everyone about the great golf courses we have in Thailand and especially the Eastern Seaboard.  He told them why he had decided to retire in Pattaya and also about the Pattaya Sports Club.

Because of this trip many people from these countries have come to Thailand and some have joined the Pattaya Sports Club.  It should also be noted that Joe paid for all his expenses to attend this event, including his air fare.

The EGA is proud to make this announcement and please note that all proceeds from the Chonburi Golf Festival and the Caddy Championship go to charity.

The EGA appreciates the support the Pattaya Sports Club has given the EGA in the past and hopes it continues long into the future.

Sincerely yours

Mike Mesommonta – President East Coast Golf Course Management Association