‘Silver Bird’ has a feast


PSC Golf Bunker Boys at The Ranch

Monday, May 18, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

It was in the wee hours when the “Silver Bird” — P.J. Redmond — was first spotted hovering over the ‘beautiful’ club house at Pattaya C.C. (this adjective does not apply to the course itself and, especially, to the greens on the back nine).  Having thoroughly cased the layout, the “Silver Bird” roared in with a fantastic 39 points to easily scoop up the first place prize.

Playing from the white tees at 6,200 yards, some of our more challenged handicappers took advantage of the situation to knock the big boys down a peg or two.  Win, place, and show were all awarded to 20-plus handicappers.  One comment overheard from one of the low handicappers was, “I can’t play at a course that isn’t pretty and has speed bumps in the greens”.

P.J. Redmond.P.J. Redmond.

1st P.J. Redmond (23) 39pts

2nd Peter Allen (31) 37pts

3rd Geoff Hart (22) 35pts

Near Pins: Steve Durey, Jimmy Carr, Peter Allen, Geoff Hart.

Wednesday, May 20, Royal Lakeside (blue tees) — Stableford

Once again the “Bird” touched down to scoop up first place with another great 39 stableford points.  He has really been showing his claws ever since turning silver.

We arrived to find a deserted course and our first group of three players set off with not a soul to be seen out in front.  They were back in the club house in three and a half hours.

Royal Lakeside is a lovely course and the Bunker Boys are always appreciative of the good vibes entertained here.  The fairways and bunkers were in excellent nick, the greens a tad rough in places, and the weather about what was to be expected — hot, but with that Royal Lakeside breeze.

1st P.J. Redmond (23) 39pts

2nd Frank Quinlan (28) 36pts

3rd Ken Davidson (22) 34pts

Near Pins: P.J. Redmond, Ian Milne, Geoff Cox.

Friday, May 22, Pleasant Valley (blue tees) — Stableford

It wasn’t a very pleasant day for the eight Bunker Boys that made the trek up the motorway to the Pleasant Valley G.C.  With an average stableford score of only 27 points and no one playing to their handicap, the first place prize was awarded for a mere 33 points.  Geoff Parker was more than happy to be the recipient of said prize as it moved him ahead in the standings for Golfer of the Month title.  Jimmy Carr isn’t far off the lead, so the final week of action will tell the tale.

Special mention has to be given to the starter for putting two five-balls out in front of us just as we were making the turn.  As you may suspect, the back nine was played at a snail’s pace and this was undoubtedly a factor in the unpleasant scores.

Near Pins: Takeshi Hakozaki, Geoff Parker.

Note:  The Bunker Boys are a PSC affiliated golf society, who now play out of The Ranch bar on Pattaya 3rd Road (in front of the fire station, and almost opposite the Buffalo Bar).  We play on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so if you enjoy a fun day out, and a friendly but competitive golf competition why not come and join us.

We meet at The Ranch at 9 a.m. for breakfast and transportation, and new players are always welcome.  Contact “Buff” on 086 046 5091 or 080 605 5663 for all enquiries or check website: www.bunkersociety.com.