Shuttleworth stars at Green Valley


PSC Golf from The Billabong Golf Bar

Tuesday, Dec. 30, Wangjuntr – Stableford

Four groups playing today in a fun day out at Wangjunta and apart from travelling also highway 344 it was really a great day out; the road is in worse shape than the 331.  The course however was in grand condition and as busy as always with golfers everywhere.  It was a 4½ hour round, which wasn’t too bad. 

We played the left side greens today, it was a first for the scribe and it was the first time some of the lads had played here.  I don’t think I have ever played a course for the first time and beaten my handicap but there was a standout winner today, never having played here before and beating his handicap by three shots and the field by six.

Cisco (left) presents the de Vere monthly award to Lloyd Shuttleworth.Cisco (left) presents the de Vere monthly award to Lloyd Shuttleworth.

There was a bit of a mix up with the prizes, Captain Bob mistakenly giving Neil Carter the third prize instead of Jim Smith when their actual finishing order was reversed.  Sorry Jim, I promise to make it up to you.  Second place went to Lloyd Shuttleworth with 33 points and top spot to ‘Gentleman’ George Barrie with an amazing 39.

There were two ‘2’s, coming from John Cogan and Jason Gale.

Wednesday, Dec. 31, Green Valley – Stableford

We were at Green Valley today for our monthly de Vere trophy comp and with Brian away it was up to Cisco to take the reins.  He not only presented the prizes but also came to the golf course and took about 200 photos, well done mate you would have made Mr. Chapman proud.

It was a great turn out with 11 groups playing and we were off to a slightly early start; my thanks to the starters who seem to get better every time we play here.  The course was in great condition as usual and all seemed to enjoy their day.

Greig Ritchie, who was playing with the scribe and 2 others, was just a little bit put off with the photographer on the 10th tee, even though Cisco was well away from the tee block and you couldn’t hear a click.  Greig skewed his ball so far out into the rubbish that even Lassie wouldn’t have found it if it was wrapped in bacon.  He said very loudly that he wasn’t used to paparazzi, much to the amusement of all.

The scores were pretty good with count backs on all but the winner.  The prizes went down to 6th place with Kevin Hamilton taking that spot with 35 points.  William Macey lost a count back to Tom McDowell in the battle for fourth and fifth, both with 36 points, and another count back was required to sort out second and third, Walter Panichi getting the nod over Tony Pieroni after both finished on 37’s.  In top spot with a great 41 points off his 7 handicap was Lloyd Shuttleworth.  Well done Lloyd!

There were four ‘2’s coming from Sa, Lloyd Shuttleworth, Tony Cooper and Tom McDowell.

Friday, Jan. 2, Silky Oak – Stableford

A very windy day at Silky Oak on Friday and the course was as busy as I have ever seen it, but we still got around in just over four hours.  The course was in good condition with the greens very fast going with the grain, which made putting a challenge.

With seven groups playing it was a good turnout.  It was good to see Richard back playing as he has had a spell for a few weeks because of wheel troubles or to be more precise the lack of them.  Great also to see Noddy back with us for a month or two.

Jim Smith came in third today with 36 points while Becky grabbed second on 39 and Richard took the line honours with a fine 40 points, his best result in quite a while.

There were three ‘2’s coming from Eng Cotterell, Karen Craigie and Greig Ritchie.

The management and staff of the Billabong would like to wish the patrons and all the golfers who have supported the Billabong over the last year all the very best for 2015.  We hope it is prosperous and healthy for you all.