Sel Wegner’s day in the Pattaya sun


PSC Billabong golf

Wednesday, 14th Oct
Green Valley

Green Valley and 1500 baht to get there, well to get the tar off the car. If you are going to the highway 36 do not go via the Waterside road whilst the road is being upgraded for the umpteenth time. The road was sprayed with tar and the cones were out to split the road in two. When we got almost to the roundabout there was a genius there flagging us to the other side of the road. By then the car was covered.

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No carts on the fairways or rough Wednesday, so a lot of walking was involved, making it a slower round than normal. The course was soggy but still in not bad condition with the greens being quite fast.

The scoring was not too bad either, with Auke Engelkes taking 3rd spot with 37 points. Peter LeNoury took 2nd with 38 points.

Sel Wegner had a day in the sun when every putt went in and every fairway was hit to score 45 points off his 13 handicap. Well done, mate.

There were three twos coming from Sel, Steve Giles and Peter LeNoury.