Seil ‘Revels’ in the rain


Travellers Rest Golf Group

This week got off to the best possible start with everybody talking about the amazing events in the Ryder Cup.  For all golfers this was incredible viewing and for the majority it was the most exciting golf event ever seen.  I count myself lucky to have seen the whole of the last round on TV and didn’t move except to get up for another beer.

On Monday 1st October, when I was on a flight from London to Bangkok via Colombo, the TRGG were heading to Eastern Star to do battle with another of Thailand’s tricky courses.  Seil Revels (5) finished first on 32 points, with Dave Edwards (10) and Andrew Purdie (18) finishing second and third respectively on 30 points, Dave winning on count back.

On Tuesday 2nd October it was Green Valley playing host and Frank Seaton (13) played an excellent round returning with 40 points which was way ahead of the rest.  Ian Sceats (20) finished second on 36 points and the always colourfully dressed Matt Mackay (10) came in third on 35.

Thursday 4th October marked the end of the low season when enough golfers turned up at Phoenix (Mountain/Lakes) to require two divisions.

Alan Evans (23) showed all the youngsters in the field the way home by taking the overall winners jersey on 36 points.  Division 1 (up to 13 handicap) was won by Tewin Poopay Lamthong (11) on 35 points, beating Bob Watson (-1) and Max Scott (2) respectively on count back also finishing on 35.

Division 2 (14 handicap upwards) was won by Phil Taylor (16) on 33 points, winning on count back from Suresh Mehta (16).  The ‘Welsh Wizard’ Alun Webber (21) finished third on 32 points.

Saturday 6th October saw the TRGG head off to play Mountain Shadow after some particularly heavy rain the night before.  It might be the end of the low season but it definitely isn’t the end of the rainy season yet with a lot more rain forecast this coming week.

Seil Revels (5) finished the week the same way he started it at the top of the leader board.  He shot 38 points which was good enough to beat Anderw Purdie (19) on 37 and Tony Glidden (10) on 35.

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week!