Sea Fishing Report


Ahoy me hearties!

At this time of the year the weather and sea conditions are absolutely perfect for a great day on the ocean.  Everyone who has been out with us on our trips recently has stated so, even if the big fish have eluded us.  But never fear, if the biggies are not around we always take home a huge catch of 1 to 2 kilo snapper or grouper, with some great sized pladang around as well, all delicious eaters.

Our trips are scheduled at twice a month on the second and fourth Saturday.  This means that the next four trips are booked on the following dates: Feb 9 & 23, Mar 9 & 23 and spaces are still available on all dates.

A happy angler with a 5kg trevally catch.A happy angler with a 5kg trevally catch.

We usually sail from Bangsaray at about 7.30 a.m., however one or two of our regulars are suggesting going out at about 4.00 or 5.00 a.m. to try and catch the ‘biggies’.  Return time is no later than 5.30 to 6.00 p.m.

All bait is provided including live squid to entice the ‘biggies’.  Tackle is available if you do not have your own and some transport can be arranged from Jomtien and Chaiyapreuk Road areas only.  If you have your own transport we meet at a spot near the harbour before going to the boat.

The boat is 65 feet long with two decks (the upper deck has relaxers for anyone who wishes to have a little nap).  There is also a European style bathroom and a kitchen for making coffee and frying a few fish if desired.

Our dear sponsor Keith Keohane of KPK Food Services Ltd, donates a 500 baht voucher for each scheduled trip for the best fish caught.

Private charter of all the facilities is available if you wish to organize your own day (any day).  For more information please call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565.