Scribe wins in ‘forgettable’ week


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, June 5, Khao Kheow – Stableford

This is a fine course and it is certainly one of the favourites of Tropical Bert’s golfers.  Playing here every month you tend to build up a relationship with the ‘Management’ and recently one of our members took ill on this course, and the help from the management could not have been more positive.  It is also the course we use for the ‘Poppy Golf Tournament’ and it has to be said they are very good to deal with.  So this year we will be going there on November 9 for another ‘Poppy Golf Tournament’.  Watch this space!

This day we were at the course on time, so off to the first tee and we were to play the A&B Nines, very tough on a day when the wind was blowing.  The A Nine turned out to be very difficult; sometimes this course can be harder than on other days, and the greens in particular were of different quality, some fast, most slow.  Still, as a three ball and first off we zoomed around, but the results were very indifferent.

Friday’s top two with one of Bert’s finest. Friday’s top two with one of Bert’s finest.

So onto the B Nine with nobody in sight both in front and behind, and even though we were playing really ‘average golf’ the holes flew by.  Indeed, we got around at a really impressive rate which saw us in the restaurant a full 75 minutes ahead of the group behind, which admittedly were a four ball and walking.  Or enjoying the scenery!

One of the troubles of being in so early, when you collect the score cards etc, is that you also have to wait till not only all the cards are in but the results are tabulated etc, so a long yawn is in prospect.  Mind, the food here is fine and the views are spectacular.  Still, the long haul eventually came to an end so it was into the cars and back to Tropical Bert’s.

As I sat there the phone rang and it was Max Scott asking where Barry Elphick was, and as I said ‘I am not my brother’s keeper’, but had his phone number and would give him a call, with no reply. Then the phone rang again and it was Keith Phillips saying he had brought Barry back with him as he had noticed him standing by his clubs waiting for me.  Good Old Keith.  This was when the penny dropped and I realised he was one of my buddies in my car and his phone was in the car.  My ‘senior moment’ for the day!

So back at Bert’s it was time to get on with the presentation and the scores were below par, except for one player.  In the A Flight, 0 to 16, and obviously ‘talented golfers’, believe it or not, the winner was Max Scott with 31 points; proves what a tough day it was.  Second was Gerry Crolla with 30 points and in third was Mike Gaussa with 29 points.

In the B Flight we had much better scores putting to bed the idea that better golfers play better on tough courses.  The winner was that ‘very forgettable golfer’ Barry Elphick, with a score that outshone all the other players, of 39 points.  I remember now why I left him behind!  In second, also with a good score, was Daryl Evans with 36 points.  We then got back to normal and in third was Bob Lindborg with 31 points on count back over ‘Turbo’.

Presentation over I had a couple of ‘cold un’s’ and back for an early night.  After all, when the memory starts to go you need all the sleep you can get!

Near Pins:  Brian Parish, Bob Watson, Paul Sharples, Barry Elphick.

Friday, June 8, Rayong C. C. – Stableford

Not having been to this course for some time it was a chance to see if the condition had improved since last time I went, and to see how the new system of two players in a cart not needing a caddy worked out.

The clubhouse is basic to say the least, however we were soon booked in, although the scramble to have two to a cart, so they did not have to have a caddy, caused a bit of a holdup.  The scribe stuck to the norm and had a cart and a caddy which with an odd number playing meant I ended up in a five-ball at the end.

So off we went and it did not take long to realise the condition of the course had not improved and in fact had even deteriorated.  Still, we plowed on and with a strong wind it was going to be a difficult day.

One of the things I found, as a ‘Golden Oldie’ was that a lack of caddies meant that a long time was spent looking for balls as the ‘old’ eyes did not follow the ball.  Also if you had a caddy she tended to be expected to do the things that normally all the caddies did.  Habits die hard.  I also found that players tend to leave things behind in the cart, a thing that with practice can be overcome.

Round over it was a quick visit to the restaurant, then into cars and back to Bert’s.  The scribe, after his ‘senior’ moment on Tuesday, actually managed to remember all his passengers, which is a major step forward.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the presentation, where it was unanimously agreed that the course was in very poor condition, or worse.  The playing without caddies situation was also discussed and there were mixed views, however for me it definitely slows the game up, and more balls are lost.

The winner with a good 40 points was the scribe, and just goes to show what a caddy can do to help as she found many a ball.  Also the new driver started to work once I sorted out the various adjustments.

In second was Joel Flor with 37 points, also a good showing on this bare course.  In third was Alan Sullivan with 35 points and we then had a count back on 33 points that saw Mashi Kaneta in fourth and Turbo and Ada Tse just missing out.

Near Pins:  Derek Brook (2), Alan Sullivan