Rushant rules at Navy


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, Dec. 5, Plutaluang – Stableford

1st Mike Rushant (13) 40pts

2nd Billy Allan (19) 39pts

3rd John O’Donoghue (18) 34pts

Mike Rushant.
Mike Rushant.

On Monday the TRGG headed off to play the Navy course at Plutaluang (East and South).  It had been a long time since our last visit and unfortunately it coincided with a Thai Public Holiday so a lot of the golfers decided to give it a miss thinking the course would be full up and progress would be slow.  Nevertheless the hardy few who did give it a go enjoyed their day, no more so than Mike Rushant who rattled off 40pts to take first place.  Mike, who is still suffering with his hip problems played through the pain barrier and hobbled off with all the prize money.

Just one shot behind was Billy Allan who also had a good day and took the runners-up spot.  Big John O’Donoghue finished some way behind in third place and apologized for finishing so far behind but said he could not get out of the habit of being a train driver all his life and never being on time.

Tuesday, Dec. 6, Burapha – Stableford

1st Seil Peter (7) 38pts

2nd Jim Cooper (14) 36pts

3rd Neil Wilkinson (11) 33pts

It was back to Burapha (C and D courses) on Tuesday and it was time for our mystery man to step back out of the shadows and conjure up yet another winning score.  Taking time off from his espionage career or something else equally as exciting, Seil Peter decided it was time for some R and R and amassed 38pts around Burapha.  He collected his winnings before reporting back to M and his next assignment.

Ito Akitoshi.
Ito Akitoshi.

Jim Cooper, the man with enough gravel in his voice to build a four lane motorway, took second place and that very refined Aussie (you don’t often see the word refined and Aussie in the same sentence) Neil Wilkinson slipped into third place.

Wednesday, Dec. 7, Greenwood – Stableford

1st John Dean (10) 38pts

2nd Derek Thorogood (15) 36pts

3rd Ted Senior (18) 36pts

On Wednesday it was time to take the long road over to Greenwood (A and B courses).  Now John Dean at one time a few years back always finished in the winners enclosure but nowadays he only blesses us with the occasional appearance.  It was therefore good to see him back to his winning ways on this day and his 38pts was just too good for the rest.

‘Mr. Second Hand Rose’ Derek Thorogood finished, yes you guessed it, in second place and Father Ted Senior finished in third after losing out to Derek on count back.

Thursday, Dec. 8, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Norman Cheetham (13) 35pts

2nd Alan Thomas (6) 35pts

3rd Ged Blairs (30) 34pts

It was back to Green Valley on Thursday for our weekly visit.  Sir Norman Cheetham who can whinge with the best of his fellow countrymen had no complaints on Thursday when he won again for the zillionth time this year.  It took another count back before we found he had beaten ‘Mr. Consistently Reliable’ Alan Thomas into second place.  Ged Blairs was a point behind in third.

Friday, Dec. 9,
The Emerald – Stableford

1st Ito Akitoshi (10) 36pts

2nd Neil Wilkinson (11) 35pts

3rd Derek Thorogood (15) 35pts

The TRGG rounded off the week with a trip over to the ever-popular Emerald course. The best turnout of the week enjoyed some sunny, clear blue skies and a cooling breeze.

Our most polite, refined and gentlemanly golfer, Ito Akitoshi, just managed to win the day from our nearly as polite and refined Aussie Neil Wilkinson in second.  As I am throwing the complementary adjectives about like a man with no arms, what can I say about the man who finished in third place?  The generous, friendly and extremely affable Derek Thorogood finished with the bronze and I cannot believe I am being so nice to another Aussie.  Nurse, Nurse, I need my medicine!