‘Rip it Ripley’ up to scratch


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Closed!  Yes, we are closed from 14th-20th of April for our Songkran holiday and golf get-a-way.  This is our 8th year of playing Khao Yai and it seems it just keeps getting better every year.  You are welcome to join up with us so drop by TGC or see details on facebook of the itinerary and costs.  We are away for 6 nights and get in 4 rounds of golf up in the mountains as we escape from the madness of Songkran in Pattaya.  You really don’t want to be here!

Monday, March 7, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Kevin Hamilton (17) 39pts

T2nd David Forster (9) 37pts

T2nd Masao Ishikawa (16) 37pts

We had another full sheet of 36 names for the event here at Green Valley today, but 5 of them never showed up or gave us the courtesy of a phone call.  We usually have 3 or 4 vans for our Monday golf and the expense of hiring an extra van and driver would not have been necessary had we know there would be 5 golfers not turning up.  Oh, did I mention that all the groups had to be readjusted as well and we also waited a few extra minutes for you just in case?

The Pattavia gang.

We got off a bit earlier than our 9:27 start time and found the course in good shape but a bit wooly around the greens.  The weather was great at the start and by midday it was starting to heat up.  That is a typical scenario here in Pattaya these days as all hopes of a spell of cooler weather seem to be drying up.

Our Caddy Smile programme is going strong and thanks to the lads for giving those little brown envelopes back to Phil for contributions.  We should have an update and photos soon.

Today, Kevin Hamilton proved his local knowledge once again as his 39 points brought home the bacon.  Good shooting as well from Dave Forster and Ishi who shared second place with 37’s.

Tuesday, March 8, Wangjuntr Highlands (white tees) – 2-Man Scramble

1st John McHugh/Dave Mather (6.9) net 59.1

2nd Rod Stevens/John Emmerson (12.3) net 60.7

3rd Steve Mulberry/Nigel Flanagan (8.4) net 61.6

It usually takes about 90 minutes to drive out here to Wanjan, but the journey was over in 3 minutes for Jeff Calrow and Ernie McInerney.  They had a  slight fender bender as the car behind forgot to brake, and that was the end of their golf day.  Nobody was hurt which was the main thing.  This is the first time in ages we have reported an accident and for the number of kioometres we all clock up every year it is quite surprising not to have more.

The rest of the gang made it just fine and playing here was something we were all looking forward to.  We get out here every 4-6 months and always run a scramble as it is a perfect course for this format.

McHugh and Mather sure thought so!  With 6 birdies on the front nine, all the hard work was done.  The back nine was a string of 9 pars, giving the boys another undisputed championship.  Their day started out with Dave driving that first green on the down hill par 4 that set up the birdie, and the rest seemed to be a cakewalk!

Wednesday, March 9, Pattavia Century (white tees) – Stableford

1st Ken Grimes (21) 41pts

2ndKenny Aihara (5) 37pts

3rd Darren Stanton (16) 35pts

Just when they get that final 7 kilometres to the course all smooth and paved, they dig up the 331 right outside the gates and add another 5 minutes to the clock.  When all these roadworks are finished (8 months?) we should be able to get here in 50 minutes max.  Never mind, it is well worth the trip out here to Pattavia and the barcode of 1,250 baht with a shared cart (the best kind) is tremendous value for money.

We found the greens very forgiving today and the pro told us the stimpmetre was running 9.2, which is far slower than the normal 11 or so.  Still, when you get side hill on those greens you are asking for trouble.

Kenny Grimes had no trouble at all as his 41 points was untouchable, even for the other Kenny.  TGC resident Darren Stanton is getting back to form after a long break back in Oz, and only a matter of time before he gets to the top step of the podium.  Fine shooting Mr. Grimes!

Friday, March 11, Phoenix Gold L & O (white tees) – Stableford

1st Jason Ripley (0) 38pts

2nd Terry Dyer (14) 36pts

T3rd Masao Ishikawa (16) 34pts

T3rd Mark Wood (9) 34pts

“Rip it Ripley” was the cry at the first tee box as English pro Jason Ripley joined us again and showed us how the game really should be played.  Playing off scratch, Jason really has his game under control and it was great to see him perform so well.

Terry Dyer has been turning in some great scorecards these last few weeks and today’s 36 got him second place.  Last week’s star Mark Wood shared third place with Ishi, both with 34 on the card.

The course was reported to be in good condition, but a complaint about a par 5 that put you in trouble with a driver off the tee.  Not the best idea for a par 5 I would say.  The new Lakes 9 was well received and we look forward to getting back out here to Phoenix more this summer.

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