Purdie perfection


IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Links Bar

The Pattaya Golf Society enjoyed a visit to Greenwood on Monday, 15th June.  The day was excessively humid and the A and B nines were more than a little jaded, with the fairways on A containing many bare patches and the greens on the newly reopened B nine hard, uneven and devoid of grass.  However the talking point of the day was not to be the state of the course but the quality of golf played by the winner.

The single flight found they were the only ones on the course – word must be out about the condition – but Tomas Nilsson still managed 37 points for third place whilst Jon Batty recorded 39 points for the second time in a week.  The winner by a country mile was Aussie golfer Andrew Purdie whose gross 73 was a spectacular effort.  Four bogeys and three birdies held the secret but his 44 points set the record straight for 2015 with the PGS.  Controlled length, good course management and accurate short play were the highlights of his round and his frustration when he returns to work for another two weeks will be for him to sort out.

Mountain Shadow provides a stern test of the short game.Mountain Shadow provides a stern test of the short game.

Andrew also managed a ‘2’ on B5 whilst Tony Campbell emulated the feat on A6 for a share of the pot.

The two low markers on the day shared the consolation beers with David Thomas’s card being drawn from the non-winners pile, leaving the returning Kim Hewton to enjoy the Booby Bevy at his leisure.

Batty best at Treasure Hill

1st Jon Batty (8) 29pts

T2nd Tony Campbell (10) 28pts

T2nd Huw Phillips (13) 28pts

At 6725 yards off the white tees Treasure Hill is thought to be the toughest test of courses on our regular rota.  Today, Wednesday June 17, however, it was probably playing more like 6900 yards, as rain meant run was minimal.  Add this feature to the fact that there are few bail-out areas for slightly errant shots, and that all adds up to low scoring rounds, which is precisely what occurred.

The course was well-presented with fairways offering good lies, as did the bunkers.  The greens, although very slow, were consistent and true.  Already playing long, the course became considerably longer following an hour-long deluge, which saw most of the field seeking shelter at the 13th tee drinks kiosk.  Overall, despite giving us a tough day out, this course continues to bring us back – probably because it represents excellent VFM.

There was just the one ‘2’; had by Tony Campbell on the 17th.  By all accounts it came very close to being one shot better!

With just three groups out today, we paid out on the first three places only.  In joint second, with a modest 28 points, was Huw Phillips enjoying his second consecutive podium place in just his second start after a period away.  Also sharing second was ’2’s man Tony, who was left regretting his wayward tee-shot on the last.  Finishing just one shot the better was playing partner Jon Batty, whose bogey-five on the last gave him the two points needed to secure the win.  Well done guys.

Back at the Links, Mr Len drew Tomas Nilsson’s card as the lucky beer recipient, whilst Murray Edwards received the booby bevvy for his 14–5 front nine back nine split.

Millar top at Mt. Shadow

1st Evan Millar (23) 33pts

2nd Gary Bolger (14) 32pts

T3rd Huw Phillips (13) 30pts

T3rd Kim Hewton (14) 30pts

T3rd Stuart Thompson (18) 30pts

Mountain Shadow, where we visited on Friday June 19, proved once again that the management of their putting surfaces is distinctly superior to many other courses, even though they have just 18 holes to play with.  Why courses with the ability to rest one of their nines cannot produce greens of similar quality, beats me.

We teed off under clear blue skies, on a largely deserted course.  Having been here just two weeks prior, it was clear that the fairways had more grass, perhaps benefitting from recent rains?  At this rate, these fairways should be offering perfect lies within two weeks; very good for this time of year.  As stated, the greens are in their usual good shape; reasonably fast and true.

From the blue tees this course measures around 6300 yards, so it’s not length that will test.  Rather, it is the raised and undulating greens with their slick pace that will likely determine who does well and who doesn’t.  Good scores at Mt. Shadow are invariably accompanied by good chipping and putting, particularly chipping from below the putting surface.  Today’s modest scores suggest good chipping was at a premium, because it couldn’t have been the conditions that kept scores so much over par.

The short par-three 5th provided all of today’s ‘2’s; three of them.  Well done to Larry Gibb, Gary Bolger and Huw Phillips.

The podium, paying out the first three placers, contained five names.  Three sharing third place, on a surprisingly ordinary 30 points, were Stuart Thompson, Kim Hewton and Huw Phillips.  In second, just one point ahead, was Gary Bolger but out on his own a clear two points to the good was Kiwi Evan Millar, enjoying his first win in some time.

Back at the Links Mr. Len drew Toby Glass’s card as the lucky beer recipient, whilst the bobby bevy would have been awarded to a gallant Tony Campbell, had he been fit enough to attend.  His performance on the course was an abject lesson to all – about what we are not sure, but a lesson nonetheless.