Prae plays a blinder

Prae, On and Yen.
Prae, On and Yen.

PSC Golf from The Billabong Bar

Monday, April 30, Phoenix – Stableford

It had been raining all night and the sky was black over Phoenix. We started out in the morning with 26 golfers at the bar but finished up with only 11 who actually played.  It was a little wet in some places underfoot but not one drop of rain fell on us. The course was in grand condition and although carts were on the path only we still finished in 4 hours.  We played winter rules and that must have made a difference to how good the scores were.

There was a count-back between Ivor Smith and Brad Jordison, both on 40 points, with Ivor being relegated to third spot as Brad took the silver off his 8 handicap.  George Barrie hit his straps today to score 41 points off his 17 handicap to take the win.  There were no ‘2’s recorded.

Wednesday, May 2, Green Valley /Treasure Hill – Stableford

Capt. Bob gave the opportunity for non-members of Green Valley to play another course which proved to be considerably cheaper, Treasure Hill at 1,250 baht GF, CF and cart.

The slow greens were not helpful at Treasure Hill and most putts stopped short of the hole, which perhaps is the reason that Stephen Dodd had the best score with only 30 points.  Robert Kreppy came second with 29 points and Archie Archibald edged out Jeff North on 27 with 13 points on the back six.  Jeff and Robert had the only 2s on the day.

Over at Green Valley Miss Am had double bogeys on the last three holes to finish with 39 points, losing out to the consistent Miss On, who overcame double bogies on 17 and 18 for third place. Miss Yen had 40 points but Miss Prae, who has played regularly at the Billabong without mention previously, had a day to remember with an outstanding 45 points, which was greeted with wild applause from the all the ladies.

We had a reduced field for the men and only two bettered their handicap, with Auke Engelkes having an impressive round of 40 points to win the plaudits followed by Puss Rylance with 38.  Sandy Chapo occupied third place on 32 points.

Friday, May 4, Burapha – Stableford

Burapha was Friday’s challenge on a hot steamy day out, with rain threatening but not coming until the 17th hole and then only a small shower. The course was in great condition with very receptive greens and lush fairways.  As it was carts on the path only, the winter rules applied.

With 4 groups playing we had a leisurely 4 hour round and the scoring was very good, with only 3 golfers out of 16 who didn’t make 30 points or more.  Coming in third today was Steve Dodd with 37 points while second place went to Miss Poopay with a fine 38 points.  Peter Seil took the top spot with a superb 41 points off his 6 handicap.

There was only one ‘2’ recorded and that was by Capt Bob, but wasn’t paid out.