Players sail home in roaring forties


Travellers Rest Golf Group

This past week the Thais celebrated Loy Krathong, one of the most colourful Thai festivals, with the ladies (and ladyboys) sporting traditional Thai costumes, floating decorations in sea and river, burning lanterns heading into the sky and millions of fireworks.  There were plenty of fireworks on the golf courses TRGG played this week as well which seemed in keeping with the evening entertainment. 

Unbelievable scores were posted in most of the competitions this week and it all started on Monday 26th November at Green Valley.  Dorsey Richardson (19), still counting his winnings from the previous week, rocketed to the top of the leader board once again with 42pts.  Jim Cleaver (12) also had a magnificent round finishing second with 41pts and in-form Mike Rushant catherine-wheeled into third place with 38pts.

Ed Brubaker - winner at Wangjuntr. Ed Brubaker – winner at Wangjuntr.

On Tuesday 27th November we made a very rare visit to play Wangjuntr (Highland course) one of the most beautiful courses in Thailand, which was a first for many of our group including myself.  It all started with a bang when our Captain Fergus Brennan and his rocket propelled pick-up broke the sound barrier in driving to the course.  In fact I do believe we arrived before we left, leaving us time travellers a little shaky on our pins.  Needless to say all the winners on the day had taken a more sedate mode of transport to the course.

Ed Brubaker (12) blasted into first place shooting to the stars with 42pts.  Joseph Schuler (8), a playing partner of mine and a man who only uses driving irons off the tee, played beautifully to take second place with 39pts.  Another good golfer Noel Pittard (7) finished third on 38pts.

Thursday 29th November saw the TRGG faithful head off on their weekly pilgrimage to play Phoenix (Lakes and Ocean).  Again there was an incredibly high winning score posted.  This time it was Paul Stanton (14) who lit up the course shooting 41pts to take top spot.  Tewin Poopay Lamthong (11), who always plays well at Phoenix, took second place with 37pts and Robbie James (10) took third with 36pts.

There is no Saturday golf at the TRGG for the foreseeable future and for the next few weeks at least we shall be playing on Fridays.  So starting this week on Friday 30th November the group headed off to play Plutaluang (North and West courses).  I like the Navy course and was sad it did not fit in with my agenda.

Robert Bjorkqvist (12), who could only finish in second and third places last week, finally finished on the top of the podium this time shooting 38pts.  Paul Stanton (12), having been docked two shots off his handicap after his exploits at Phoenix, slipped into second on 37pts and Damon Woo (11) took third with 34pts.