Play it again Sam


Golf from Siam Country Resort Pattaya

Tuesday, Nov. 22, Treasure Hill – Stableford

On Tuesday we went to Treasure Hill on a nice sunny day and found the course to be in very good shape.  The results show that the course wasn’t easy and was a real challenge to play.

(L-R) Willem Lasonder with Stan Rees and Neil Harvey.
(L-R) Willem Lasonder with Stan Rees and Neil Harvey.

Sam Gettinby (H/cap 26) showed his good form of the last few weeks and won with 33 stableford points while in second was Stan Rees (27) with 32.

Near pin prizes went to Daniel Oshiro who won all four.

Thursday, Nov. 24, Crystal Bay – Stableford

We went up to Crystal Bay on Thursday and played the B & C course.  In spite of the heavy rain the day before the course was in good condition.  On the other hand, the greens were unpredictable and the ones on C course could have been better.

Paddy Devereux had an interesting experience in a bunker as his approach shot landed next to a sleeping dog, but the dog kept sleeping and didn’t appear to be in any hurry to move and allow Paddy a clean strike at his ball.

Willem Lasonder (H/cap 21) the most consistent player today and won with 39 points, two ahead of Neil Harvey (15) in second with 37.

The near pins were won by Daniel Oshiro, Stan Rees and Willem Lasonder.

Paddy lets the sleeping dog lie.
Paddy lets the sleeping dog lie.