Pierrel & Coghlan go big at Pattavia

John Pierrel and Mick Coghlan.
John Pierrel and Mick Coghlan.

The Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Sept. 12, Green Valley – Stableford

Of the three courses in this complex, this has been for many years the one that is most liked by the players I know.  It has undergone many changes since the early days, including a redesign of many of the holes.

On this day the new circuit was under view and we were playing it for the first time.  Many of the holes seem to have been ‘cleaned up’ and a new order of play has been instigated, all in all quite intriguing, but it seems something that is done to shake the course up every few years.

As we progressed around we noted that the fairways were just average and the greens still need a lot of work doing on them.  The new ‘route’ seemed to work but will take time to get used to.

Back at BJ’s it was into the results early and the scores were good.  Winner with a great 40 points was Dick Warberg and we then had a count-back on 38 points that saw John Davis take the silver over Mick Coghlan.  John Pierrel was fourth with 37 points and another count back on 36 points resulted in Mashi Kaneta taking fifth over Brian Parish and Barry Elphick.

The halfway best scores for non-winners came from Graham Buckingham with 20 points and the last nine best score was by Nigel Perry, also with 20.

Friday, Sept. 15, Pattavia – Stableford

This Friday fifteen Tropical golfers headed out to Pattavia and with just one flight there would be a scramble to get mentioned when the day was done.

Pattavia continues to be in excellent condition and great value.  Fairways were in top shape, but those greens are so hard to read.  Slopes up, down, and sideways were always more than they looked, and it really helps to have an experienced caddie.

The big winner on the day was John Pierrel (c/h 14) who played near flawless golf to earn an incredible 43 points.  Joining John in the 40+ points category was Mick Coghlan (25) with an almost equally impressive 41.  Not often will one take second with that score, but Mick didn’t complain.  Much.  After that Tom Herrington (18) started the countdown with 38 points, followed by Mashi Kaneta (18) with 37 and Barry Elphick (28) with 36.

The best half rounds for non-winners went to John Davis and Dick Warberg.