Phin & Sandy get the medals

Brian Chapman (right) presents the monthly medal to Miss Phin.
Brian Chapman (right) presents the monthly medal to Miss Phin.

The Billabong Golf Society

Wednesday, Dec. 27, Green Valley – Medal

This was the last monthly medal of 2017 which is, and has been for some years, sponsored by Brian Chapman of Haven Consultants.

The number of ladies playing at the Billabong is increasing each week and the 18 that played today were dressed to celebrate both the Christmas and New Year season to brighten up what was, after all, a drab day.  Miss Yen took 28 shots to complete holes 10 to 13 but she played well on the other 14 holes for a net 71, but not quite overcoming Miss Som on the same score who had a better back nine.  Despite an 8 on hole No. 9 to claim 2nd place with a net 70, Miss Kran was well behind the winner Miss Phin with a net 67 made up of 9 pars and 1 birdie.

Lloyd Shuttleworth had a steady round with a net 71, but three points behind Capt. Bob Philp in second place whose round was spoilt with some double bogies on the inward half for a net 68.  A good result any day but he was not able to match the winner, Sandy Chapo, on the same score who recovered from a treble bogey on the 7th hole.

Six 2s today were recorded by Yen, Lynn, Phin, John Anderson and Sandy.

Friday, Dec. 29, Treasure Hill – Scramble

Sandy Chapo (left) was the men’s medal winner.
Sandy Chapo (left) was the men’s medal winner.

Treasure Hill was a welcome change of venue for the monthly scramble.  We had 13 teams vying for the bragging rights for this tournament and thinking that no team would tear this course apart, all bets were on 60 plus for the winners.  Well that wasn’t to be as we had two teams that scored in the 50s.

Third spot went to Bob Scott, George Barrie and the O’Mahoney family Paul and Paulie, with a net score of 61.3.  Taking second were the Irish lads Brian Orr, Dougie Crowe, Ted Gardner and Vincent Smyth with a net score of 59.8.  Bragging rights however went to Helmut Hebstriet, Jeff North, Chris Brendle and Phil with 58.8, a great score indeed around this golf course.