Paul takes Jack’s cake


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, April 30, Burapha – Stableford

Unusually busy here for this time of year, as the 15 Outbackers had to wait almost to their allotted tee time to play the C & D course.  When they did start, it was right behind a Korean five-ball who seemed to take ages to complete the first hole and everyone was dreading a slow round.  However, a word in the marshall’s ear seem to do the trick, as they moved onto another loop after nine holes and the day ram pretty smooth in the end.

Some brilliant scores though, as five all shot par or better with John O’Keefe leading the way together with Rosco, both on 39pts but edging him out on count back and Peter Stomebridge following them in on 38.

Paul Bourke, left, winner of Jack’s Birthday Cup, is congratulated by the General.Paul Bourke, left, winner of Jack’s Birthday Cup, is congratulated by the General.

Welcome back to Stuart Tinkler, Ken Davidson and Steve Durey and also to Colin Jones having his first game with the Outback.

There were two ‘2’s from Jim Brackett (hole 5) & Paul Bourke (hole 8).

1st John O’Keefe (17) 39pts

2nd Rosco Langoulant (14) 39pts

3rd Pete Stonebridge (16) 38pts

4th Ivan Plunkett (19) 37pts

5th Paul Bourke (9) 36pts

Monday, April 30, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Another 16 Outbackers on the A & B nines and like Burapha, some very good scoring with another five playing to par or better, which is particularly unusual here.

A truly amazing cake.A truly amazing cake.

Suzi got the day’s top score with 40pts to receive a hefty handicap cut of 1.2, as Paul Greenaway led the rest of the field in with an excellent gross 78 for 39pts from John Stafford on 37.  Ian Heddle matched Paul’s gross 78 for 36pts and the Sugarman also did well with his 36.

A couple of newbies out there as well and a special welcome to them, namely Peter Daff and Robert Barnes.

There were five ‘2’s from Bob Pearce (Hole 5), John Stafford on Hole 12 & Hole 17 and Paul Greenaway & Mark McDonald also on hole 17.

1st Suzi Lawton (19) 40pts

2nd Paul Greenaway (9) 39pts

3rd John Stafford (18) 37pts

4th Ian Heddle (6) 36pts

5th Sugar Ray Handford (19) 36pts

Wednesday, May 2, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Our usual Tuesday group was shifted to Wednesday because of the holiday, with the slightly earlier start of 8.30.  Eleven players started in the tournament; 2 of them ladies, who once again had to play in their comp and the other nine playing in one division; plus 3 Aussies who came along for a hit.

Towards the end of the round, we were caught by a storm but most just about scrambled home without getting too wet or living too dangerously.

Nothing special about the scoring as Laong had the best score of the day to win the ladies, with the best of the men being Bob Pearce and Svein Sorenson, both scoring 35pts and Bob getting the nod on count back.

There were no ‘2’s.


1st Bob Pearce (17) 35pts

2nd Svein Sorenson (15) 35pts


Laong Gatepratum (23) 36pts

Wednesday, May 2, Siam Plantation – Stableford

It felt good to be back here after a long absence, back at one of the best courses around but we had to wait before we could set off as a storm threatened.  The late tee time of 11.56 for the 16 Outbackers was delayed a further hour as we watched the storm appear to engulf Jomtien and the Green Valley area, then slip past the back of us, picking off Pattaya Country Club before swirling around and hitting Plantation.  We fortunately missed the worst of it, although it was pretty spectacular to watch from the elevated vantage point.

The starter, who knew us well from a few years back, suggested a mini shotgun start to help everybody get round in what turned out to be a very pleasant afternoon’s golf in some very pleasant playing conditions.  So our four groups headed off to the first four tees on Sugarcane and completed the round in good time with the other nine being Pineapple.

Ron Dickie was the star of the day, with a brilliant 42pts (74 gross) playing off 8; six shots clear of the second placed man, course specialist Chris Davisson, on 36.  Jim Brackett, having his last game before heading home for a few months, took third with 35, with Paul Greenaway grabbing the final podium place on 33.

Finally, welcome to Gordon Everingham having his first game with the Outback and his first game at Plantation.

There were two ‘2’s from Paul Greenaway and John O’Keefe.

Note:  The Outback will be at Plantation every Wednesday throughout the low season, with a couple of exceptions – check our weekly schedules, at the regular tee time of 8.44, limited to four groups, so sign up early if you want to play here for a very good rate.

1st Ron Dickie (8) 42pts

2nd Chris Davisson (10) 36pts

3rd Jim Brackett (6) 35pts

4th Paul Greenaway (9) 33pts

Friday, May 4,Green Valley – Stableford

On this fine Friday morning there were 48 signed up to play in Jack Moseley’s birthday competition with many starting the day at the Outback for breakfast and to greet the birthday boy!

At Green Valley, Capt’ Steve and Suzi were busy organising the start with Jack leading the way in the first group.  The course was in great shape, the weather perfect and a round of a little over 4 hours.

Back in the clubhouse Jack and Chad (Barry Chadbourn) were processing the cards whilst quaffing a few ales, why not?  After-all, it was a special day and as there were two different competitions there was a lot of work to get through and a special thanks to John & Jeff for the beer and also to Khun Nirand, the Green Valley Manager, for the shirt.

Those who played were joined by some friends at the Outback, who came to enjoy in the party atmosphere and where the staff had decked out the bar with the usual balloons.  Just a little behind schedule, at around 5.40, it was time for the presentation as the Outback’s regular MC, Nigel Cannon called order and led the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jack.  Nigel then relayed some good wishes from a number of friends who could not be there today.

There were to be four divisions today, with four winners in each, an overall winner and also a sponsored “hidden pairs” better ball event.  At the start of the day everybody drew a number and their partner for the round was the other person with the same number but of course nobody knew who was playing with who until now.  The Outback have done this before and it has proved to be quite good fun and now will return on a regular basis, sponsored by Greg Hirst of the DeVere Financial Group.

The scoring was generally excellent with the CSS for the day working out to be 69 (two below the SSS of 71) for you CONGU fans, with Graham Woollett being announced the winner of Div D with 41pts, seven clear of the second placed, Jim Payne.

In Div C, the man himself, General Jack returned to a bit of form after a long time in the wilderness which has seen his handicap drift out to 19.5.  He played with an orange ball today, a promise he made after his disastrous golf on the recent Songkhran trip, until such time as the rot stopped.  Well, after his 40pts today he can now return to a white ball again.

Div B went to Murray Hart (39pts) from Kathy Doody (38pts) and a fiercely competitive Div A, had Bob Newell just beating Paul Greenaway on count back, both with 41pts who in turn were beaten by the overall winner, also from Div A, Paul Bourke with 42.

The hidden pairs prize went to Kathy Doody and Graham Woollett with 50pts and the four near pin 500 Baht Outback vouchers went to Dave Earthrowl (4th), Martin O’Neill (9th), Mark McDonald (12th) and Nigel Cannon on the 16th.

Following the final award Nigel announced that the complementary buffet, prepared by the Outback staff and donated by Jack, was ready.

The evening was not over yet! Jack was presented with a superb cake that included the Outback logo.  He then rang the bell to much applause; this was followed by some fireworks provided by Rosco and Pottsy.

Finally, there will be another Birthday Cup, this time Bob Lindborg’s on Monday, May 14th at Khao Kheow – It is a better ball event, so sign up in pairs, if you can’t find a partner, we will find one for you.


1st Paul Bourke (9) 42pts

Div A (0-13)

1st Bob Newell (7) 41pts

2nd Paul Greenaway (9) 41pts

3rd Chris Davisson (10) 39pts

4th Mark McDonald (3) 36pts

Div B (14-16)

1st Murray Hart (14) 39pts

2nd Kathy Doody (16) 38pts

3rd Steve Plant (14) 37pts

4th Svein Sorenson (15) 36pts

Div C (17-20)

1st Jack Moseley (20) 40pts

2nd John Stafford (18) 38pts

3rd John Aylott (19) 38pts

4th Bob Lindborg (19) 37pts

Div D (21+)

1st Graham Woollett (21) 41pts

2nd Jim Payne (26) 34pts

3rd Brian Maddox (21) 33pts

4th Nigel Cannon (21) 31pts

Overall Pairs

1st Graham Woollett & Kathy Doody 50 pts

2nd Stuart Tinkler & Jack Moseley 49 pts

3rd Murray Hart & David Earthrowl 47 pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar can be contacted on 087 941 2474 (Jack).