Pattaya to host national Wushu championships


Rattanachai Sutidechanai, chairman of the Tourism and Sports Committee Pattaya chaired a meeting on April 8 to prepare for the 14th Wushu Thailand Championships 2016.  Other attendees included representatives from organizations involved and Pattaya councilors.  The objectives were to talk about the location, medical coverage and security measures for the event.  The championships will take place from April 29-30 at Pattaya School 7.

Wushu is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese activities and the practice of martial arts.

Witness some spectacular martial arts action at the 14th Wushu Thailand Championship 2016 to be held in Pattaya from April 29-30. (Photo/International Wushu Federation)

Thipchaya Puengchanchaikul, chairperson of the Wushu Association Pattaya said that this event will mark the 2nd to be hosted in Pattaya and is expected to attract many professional Wushu experts from all around Thailand.

Locals, foreign residents and tourists are all invited to come along and watch the spectacular action.