Pattaya rain didn’t keep hearty Bunker Boys off the links


Charity Queen Khun Pook.

PSC Bunker Boys Golf
Monday, September 13th
Rayong Green Valley Country Club
1st Michael Brett (16) 40 points
2nd Niall Glover (17) 36 points
3rd Geoff Cox (18) 34 points
Near pins Bob Innes & Jay Babin X 2.

We begin this week with a special vote of thanks to Steve Durey’s lady friend Khun Pook who put in a big shift to prepare and deliver fifty meals to the needy at Bali Hai pier last Saturday. This was following a whip-round we had at Greenwood last Monday where we raised some donations after the golf. We intend to have another by the end of the month where we hope to double the number of handouts so all you generous people who would like to be part of this worthy cause please direct your donations to Tony Robbins. The need is still great and despite the duration of the pandemic people are not suffering charity fatigue and are still helping out where they can.

We had an expectation of bad weather heading our way from the Philippines since last week, fortunately, it seems to have stuck over Vietnam, and looks like it will fizzle out and not reach us. Today we had very pleasant conditions for our game at Green Valley where we welcomed back one of our resident Scotsmen Bob Innes after a long stint in the UK followed by a delightful stay in quarantine in Bangkok. He speaks very highly of his time locked up for two weeks. We also had a rare visit by Gerry Cooney who now seems to spend most of his time up the country in Korat.

The course was in excellent condition after the lockdown break. We played pick, clean, and place but the course was so good it wasn’t necessary. A stiff breeze blew for most of the day which kept temperatures nice but added to the challenge of the course.

Following the Friday effort of forty-two points at Parichat, Monday’s winner Michael Brett had a two-shot cut in handicap. Nevertheless, he put together a respectable score of forty points to take first place. A further cut is in store for the rest of the week under Bunker Boys house rules, so the current run of good scores looks likely to end soon.

Niall Glover had a solid round of thirty-six points to take second place whilst Geoff Cox took third with thirty-four points. Jay Babin who is the new whiz kid with near pins got two Monday with one going to Bob Innes and one to the delinquent fund which is now looking healthy after so long with the bars closed.

Niall Glover & Kob Glover.

Wednesday, September 15th
Emerald Golf Club
1st Niall Glover (17) 31 points
2nd Steve Durey (20) 29 points
Near pins Kob Glover, & Niall Glover.

Persistent rain through the night and into the morning meant that the limp wristed took the day off to avoid a bit of rain. Seven hardy souls made the trip to Emerald and were rewarded with a dry day and a course that was in decent enough condition despite the rain. Some people don’t seem to understand that when it’s raining in Pattaya it is not necessarily raining elsewhere. The monsoon season should be over soon so numbers will get back to normal again.

Niall Glover set a cracking pace with nineteen points on the front nine only to fade away on the back and finish with thirty-one in first place. He still has his eyes firmly set on the golfer of the month prize and with eight games still to play he will be trying hard to chase down the leader.

Second place went to Steve Durey with twenty-nine points. The near pins contest was a family affair with Kob and Niall Glover taking one each. Where was Jay Babin today? He has been killing it in the near pins in recent weeks.

All is in readiness for our first trip away for many months with a field of twelve signed up for the trip to Kabin Buri next week. Several partners are also making the trip to one of our favourite destinations Serenity Resort and Spa so a good time is expected by all. No doubt mine host Olivier Daniel will provide the usual high level of hospitality to which we have become accustomed over the years. In particular, the game at Lotus Valley on the return journey is much anticipated as it is regarded as a superior course always in great condition. This time it may be on the wet side as the water table in that area is quite high.

Les Cobban, winner at Pattana.

Friday, September 17th
Pattana Resort & Sports Club, A & C
1st Les Cobban (8) 40 points
2nd Gerry Cooney (20) 35 points
3rd Steve Durey (20) 34 points
Near pins Gerry Cooney, Roger Awad, Les Cobban, & Michael Brett.

A nice sunny day and a good course were enough to entice out fourteen golfers for the last game of the week at Pattana where we were allocated the A & C nines. Despite the amount of rain we have had recently the course was in good condition apart from the greens which were disappointing for a course of this standard. Brown and bare in places and a little bumpy. A stiff breeze blew for most of the round keeping things cool but adding to the challenge of the course.

As he often does, Les Cobban put on a show of precision golf. His ball-striking was superb and as usual, his putting accurate, allowing him to compile a score of forty points to take first place. He also managed to chip in on hole two for an eagle having just missed a birdie on one, so the signs were there from the start that he was going to produce something special.

Gerry Cooney took second with thirty-five points whilst Steve Durey after a poor front nine recovered superbly to take third on countback. He had nineteen points after seven holes on the back nine. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Gerry Cooney, Roger Awad, Les Cobban, & Michael Brett.