Pallesen posts 40-pointer

John Chelo (left) with wig wearer Rick Humen.
John Chelo (left) with wig wearer Rick Humen.

PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf Society

Monday, Feb. 5, Royal Lakeside – Stableford

A Flight

1st Petur Petursen (5) 37pts

2nd Andrew Purdie (9) 37pts

3rd Udo Emmerich (10) 37pts

B Flight

1st John Chelo (18) 37pts

2nd Larry Slattery (20) 36pts

3rd John Evans (16) 35pts

This course is always, it seems, in wonderful condition and today it was just that: fairways cut to enable good contact with the ball, rough that didn’t punish harshly, and greens that were hard and fast.  The only complaint came from those who can normally make a ball hit the green and stop. This was very difficult to do. However, putting was true and with good speed.

A Flight (0-16) saw a three-way count-back on 37 points to decide the podium places and Petur Petursen won out with a best back nine.

B flight (17+) produced a fourth 37-pointer, this one giving victory to John Chelo ahead of Larry Slattery.

Four near pins were won by Andy Kelleher, John Evans, Udo Emmerich, Petur Petursen.

Beat nines (non-winners) came from Richard Dobson (front, 21pts) and Brian Beaupre (back, 16pts).

Wednesday, Feb. 7, Treasure Hill – Stableford

A Flight

1st Dave Nicholson (15) 38pts

2nd Maurice Roberts (13) 36pts

3rd Kevin La Bar (12) 34pts

B Flight

1st Larry Slattery (20) 36pts

2nd Colin Service (19) 34pts

3rd Martin Patch (17) 34pts

C Flight

1st Michael Pallesen (25) 40pts

2nd Soren Hansen (24) 37pts

3rd Len Jones (28) 32pts

Michael Pallesen.
Michael Pallesen.

We took 34 people to Treasure Hill, 32 players in the competition and 2 non combatants.  Our first group headed off 20 minutes after the scheduled start time and with one caddy for three players.  This is well and truly high season, as the same stories are coming from other courses.

Treasure Hill is not renowned for allowing big stableford scores but Michael Pallesen belied that today with 40 points to win C flight (h/cp 22+).  Michael’s Danish compatriot Soren Hansen was close up for second with 37 points and the evergreen Len Jones scored 32 points for third.

A regular on the podium, Larry Slattery took out the B flight (16-21) with a handicap equalling 36 points ahead of Colin Service, who is having a good run.  Martin Patch was relegated to third spot on count-back.

Dave Nicholson, playing his second game with us won the A flight with a terrific 38 points.  Maurice Roberts and put together 36 points to get second ahead of Kevin La Bar on 34.

Near pins went to Martin Patch (No.2), John Bell (6), Soren Hansen (13), John Evans (17).

Best nines for non-winners came from Brian Nuttall and Harry Lankoff.

Friday, Feb. 9, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

A Flight

1st Jon Dean (12) 39pts

2nd Ronnie Saxkjaer (8) 38pts

3rd Phil Davies (13) 37pts

B Flight

1st Colin Service (19) 37pts

2nd John Chelo (19) 37pts

3rd Larry Slattery (20) 36pts

C Flight

1st Keith Melbourne (32) 38pts

2nd Derek Phillips (24) 38pts

3rd Torben Lingaard (25) 36pts

The field was divided into three flights with the cuts coming at sixteen and twenty three and all three divisions saw a tight competition.

In the third flight Torben Lingaard performed to his usual standard, collecting 36 points from a painstaking round.  In second was the returning Irishman Derek Phillips and he showed he had lost none of his form of the previous year with 38 points, losing on count-back to Keith Melbourne who picked up his first flight win in many years of trying.

In a competitive second flight Larry Slattery took third with 36 points whilst a count-back was needed to separate John Chelo and Colin Service, the latter taking the flight with 37 points.

In the top flight Phil Davies again found himself in the mix with 37 points taking third place, one behind the runner up Ronnie Saxkjaer with 38.  The winner, with the best score of the day, was John Dean with 39 very solid points.

The four near pins went to Colin Service (5), Derek Phillips (7), Mike McGuigan (12) and Hilary Stoker (16).

Best non-winner nines came from Maurice Roberts and Pierre Cere.