Autotrivia Quiz


Last week I asked who was a land speed record holder for three years and had a red pointy beard. The clue was the Ardennes. It was Camille Jenatzy who was a Belgian race car driver. He is remembered for breaking the land speed record three times and being the first man to break the 100 km/h barrier. He was nicknamed Le Diable Rouge (“The Red Devil”) after the color of his beard. Jenatzy died in 1913 in a hunting accident. He went behind a bush and made animal noises as a prank on his friends who were hunting with him. It worked too well. Alfred Madoux, director of the journal L’Etoile Belge fired, believing it was a wild animal. When they realized it was Jenatzy, they rushed him to hospital by car; but he bled to death en route, fulfilling his own prophecy he would die in a Mercedes.

So to this week. Goats are omnivores. What is the connection between goats, early cars and flat packs today?

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