Oye rules the roost at Pattaya C.C.


PSC golf from The Three Sister’s Bar

Oh where have all the brave golfers gone?  Sure it was raining cats and dogs in Pattaya but that is no reason to hear the rain and rollover in bed.  

Those stalwart heroes who threw themselves against the storm were pleasantly surprised to arrive at the Pattaya Country Club this past 8th of June to see a beautiful rainbow and clear skies.  Carts were limited to the cart path or the rough except for the “Yellow Flag Boys”.  Actually the fairways and greens were very dry except for one wet spot on hole #13.

Oye St. Laurent, left, with Chano Galvano. Oye St. Laurent, left, with Chano Galvano.

Returning to Caddy Shack II, it was necessary to roust out our acting cook, Sus Ige, who hastily whipped up some hot dogs.  Card wise it was a no-brainer with Oye St. Laurent topping out with a 36 points followed by Chano Galvano with a 33.  The remaining 4 players didn’t fare too well.”