Oakes leaves Pattana with top honors


Pattaya Sports Club Golf from Billabong

Wednesday, 12th august
Pattana is in beautiful condition. With three groups playing we were to start on the A side but the starter moved us to the more difficult B loop and it was just cruise along for the round.

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The course was in great condition apart from some of the greens that were a bit lumpy but nothing out of the ordinary.


It is an easy drive to get there now either going up 331 or going up the 7 about 30 minutes is all. A few laughs were had as a mix up occurred, it being Captain Bob’s fault entirely. With messages going back and forward between Barry Copestake and Bob, plus a few phone calls to Peter Terry all in good fun, we were going to play Treasure Hill, then Emerald then Pattana. It was all a bit confusing but we got over the line didn’t we Barry.

After the p%%% taking was over, we got down to the presentation and Peter Terry took 2nd spot with 34 points. Tony Oakes took the top spot with 35 points and had the only two of the day. We will be back, as the staff could not have been more helpful and courteous.