Non complaints for new two division set up

Dave Howden, Frank Grainger and Per Forsberg.
Dave Howden, Frank Grainger and Per Forsberg.

Jomtien Golf with the I.P.G.C.

Monday 18th November Pattavia Stableford

The fairest cut Monday with six groups out: 9 – 16 and 16.4 plus in the two divisions. 40 points was the best score of the day and in both divisions. Dennis Scougall took the top step on the podium in division 1 with Len Bantleman coming in second on 36 and then with a 19/16 back nine countback Marc Brunner beat Bob Poole after two 35’s came in.

Tom Novak was the winner in division 2 with Alan Bissell taking second place with 36, Frank Grainger third on 34 and Dave fourth beating Brendon Cope 19/12 after they both shoot 33 points.

Near pins Div. 1: Dave Boran (2), Nik Evans and Keith Wooley. Div. 2: William Chang, Curtis Hessler, Paul Hobson and Tom Novak.

One rollover in division 1 and Dave Boran birdied the 13th as did Marc Brunner. In division 2 with six rollovers there was an amazing four twos Monday, Brendon Cope on the fourth, Curtis Hessler on the 17th, Paul Hobson the fourth and Tom Novak the 13th. There were some happy faces at Frasers that evening.

Wednesday 20th November Silky Oaks Stableford

Our first game here for some time and we were given a very reasonable rate on Wednesday. We experimented with division 1 playing off the back yellow tees and division 2 off the forward white tees.

Pete Sumner won division 1 with 39. Three 33 pointers came in and with a 19/18/15 back nine countback Chris Slota was second, Dennis Scougall third and poor Ian Speirs lost out.

Two 37s came in for division 2 and with 15, 15 each on the back nine Joseph was declared the winner beating Paul Hobson 11/9 on the back six.

Nearest the pins Div. 1: Dennis Scougall, Chris Slota and Pete Sumner (2). Div. 2: Alan Bissell and Paul Hobson.

With no rollovers in either division there were three birdies in division 1, John Hughes and Dennis Scougall on the 14th and Chris Slota on the 16th, a different story as of Monday. None in division 2 with a rollover to Khao Kheow on Monday.

There were no moans or complaints regarding the day’s set up for the two divisions, so we will go back here in two months’ time.

Friday 22nd November Eastern Star Stableford

Another six groups out Friday with an almost identical cut as of Monday and Wednesday’s games in the two divisions. The scores were a lot lower due to the very slick Eastern Star greens. There were many putts of three and four strokes on many greens which was reflected in the scores.

34 points was the best of the day with Pete Sumner winning division 1 beating Per Forsberg on an 18/15 back nine countback. John Hughes came in third on 30 and Paul Butler fourth on 28 points.

There were three scores of 31 for division 2. With a countback of 20/20/15 and a back six countback of 16/13 Tony Thorne was the winner. Eugine Maguire finished second and Frank Kelly third. Curtis Hessler came in fourth beating Dave Howden on a 16/13 countback after two scores of 29 came in.

Near pins Div. 1: John Hughes and Pete Sumner (2). Div. 2: William Chang and Max Wilson.

Three rollovers in division 2 and William Chang birdied the signature 13th hole for the division’s only win. In division 1, John Hughes birdied the 6th and Pete Sumner the 17th.