Nicholas comes up trumps at Khao Kheow


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Dec. 31, Burapha – Stableford

For the final round of golf for 2012 at the Outback, 41 players were to play the Burapha A and B courses from the blue markers on a Monday holiday; a great roll-up at a very special rate.  As it was a holiday, Burapha was heavily booked with all four courses open for the day and parking was at a premium; the pace up play was a bit stop/start with hold-ups on most par 3’s but we still finished in under four and a half hours so all players could get back to Pattaya in time for the New Years Eve’s festivities and the traffic got too bad.

We said goodbye to Chopper (Kerry Rothman), Grant Airey, Steve Reece, Bobby Driggs and Bill Bishop, all having their last game today, and hello again to Noddy Moyle, Jim Smith, Bob Pearce & Les Easton, all of whom we haven’t seen for a while and also welcome to Marcus Simmons having his first game with the Outback.

Monday podium placers (from left): Bob Pearce, Les Easton, John Fitzgerald and Tim Knight. Monday podium placers (from left): Bob Pearce, Les Easton, John Fitzgerald and Tim Knight.

The course was in great condition and the greens were flat and true with a good pace.  The weather was great for golf but there was a stiff breeze which made many of the holes play a lot longer than normal.  Burapha from the blues is one of the longer courses that we play and is a great test of golf.

Three divisions plus the ‘2’s and the course was the winner on the day with only John Fitzgerald managing to break par for the day.  Division 3 was won by Jimmy Little with only 33 points off his 19 handicap who beat David Coller on a 22 handicap on a count back with third place going to Bob Pearce with 31 points playing off 19, beating Tim Knight also on count back.

Division 2 was won by John Fitzgerald with the best score of the day, 38 points off his 17 handicap from Rick Kaban (15) with 34 points who beat John O’Keefe (17) on a count back and in fourth was Les Easton (16) with 32 points.

Division 1 was won by Ron Dickie (9) with 35 points from Grant Airey (8) who headed a three way count back with 34 points over Paul Bourke (11) and Capt’ Stephen.

There were three ‘2’s, all on B3, to Vince Butler, John O’Connor and David Coller

Div A (0-12)

1st Ron Dickie (9) 35pts

2nd Grant Airey (8) 34pts

3rd Paul Bourke (11) 34pts

4th Stephen Mann (10) 34pts

Div B (13-17)

1st John Fitzgerald (17) 38pts

2nd Rick Kaban (15) 34pts

3rd John O’Keefe (17) 34pts

4th Les Easton (16) 32pts

Div C (18+)

1st Jimmy Little (19) 33pts

2nd David Coller (22) 33pts

3rd Bob Pearce (19) 31pts

4th Tim Knight (20) 31pts

Wednesday, Jan. 2, Crystal Bay – Stableford

A very busy Wednesday for the start of our new season of golf and also our brand new tournament, the Race to Bangkok, based on the European Tour’s “Race to Dubai”.  With our allocation at Siam Plantation being full again with 20 players, another 22 made their way to Crystal Bay, a venue we haven’t visited for some time.  Our thanks also to another first, Tim Knight, who was running the competition today on behalf of the Outback.

(From left): Sugar Ray, Dave Buchanan, Martin Kingswood, Murray Hart and Tim Knight relax after Wednesday’s round at Crystal Bay. (From left): Sugar Ray, Dave Buchanan, Martin Kingswood, Murray Hart and Tim Knight relax after Wednesday’s round at Crystal Bay.

The course (A & B) was reported to be in good shape, the greens were fast enough and the showers were working.

All the winners came from the same group; Murray Hart & Martin Kingswood both with 39’s at the top of Div A and the Sugarman, one back with 38, to win Div B.  Tim found himself on the podium for the second time this week, taking third place (Div B) with 32pts, whereas Bob Pearce just missed out on the same feat, heading a trio, all on 31.

There were two ‘2’s from Tim Knight and Dave Buchanan.

Div A (0-16)

1st Murray Hart (16) 39pts

2nd Martin Kingswood (13) 39pts

3rd Dave Buchanan (0) 33pts

Div B (17+)

1st Sugar Ray Handford (18) 38pts

2nd Jarod Braithwaite (18) 36pts

3rd Tim Knight (20) 32pts

Wednesday, Jan. 2, Siam Plantation – Stableford

Another Full House of 20 players at this excellent Siam Plantation venue for an early 8.36 tee off on the Tapioca and Pineapple courses as Sugar Cane was undergoing some maintenance.  From all reports the course was in its usual great condition and even though it was a little short from the whites, some players still struggled.

A great day for golf with perfect weather with little or no breeze and the starter got us away on time splitting the groups with a two tee start so all finishing virtually together.

Six places in one division plus the’2’s and of course the “Race to Bangkok” points with the overall best score coming from Mike Bender with 40 points off his 10 handicap, from Steve Poznanski with 39 points off his 12 handicap.  Steve had 24 points on the Tapioca nine, good golf.  Third was Ron Dickie (9) with 38 points and fourth was John Fitzgerald (17), fresh from his win on Monday at Burapha with 36 points.

Only one ‘2’ for the day by Steve Poznanski on Tapioca 3.

1st Mike Bender (10) 40pts

2nd Steve Poznanski (12) 39pts

3rd Ron Dickie (9) 38pts

4th John Fitzgerald (17) 36pts

Thursday, Jan. 3, Khao Kheow – Stableford

11 Outbackers travelled to Khao Kheow to B & A off the yellow tees but the days have now gone allowing two people to a cart, however all walkers are still welcome.  The price for a cart per golfer is 500 Baht which is not too bad.

The good news is that the course has come back to a good condition with slick greens and the fairways dry at last.

Who said that golf balls never strike twice, especially by the same golfer?  Well it’s not true as my friend managed to hit me again; this time on the side of my neck – after thinking about ducking & diving but unable to move.  It cost him a few beers later and after consuming them all the pain had mysteriously gone.

Back to the golf, well John Nicholas (41pts) must have played a completely different course to everybody else, in windy conditions he spread-eagled the field winning by a massive 10 shot margin over Mike Bender & Paul Kaye.  There were no ‘2’s so Alex Graham got some respite from his poor form of late, as the podium places went down to fourth place.

1st John Nicholas (10) 41pts

2nd Mike Bender (8) 31pts

3rd Paul Kaye (6) 31pts

Friday, Jan. 4, Green Valley – Stableford

A little later that originally planned, today was Frank O’Neill’s 100 day plus event, sponsored by Laong who took care of him up until his death.  It was not to be a sad day but more a day of celebration as 56 golfers took to Green Valley to play golf, probably other than the Daily Telegraph crossword, Frank’s greatest hobby.

The course was in its usual good nick and busy but Capt’ Steve got everybody away on time albeit the pace of play a little on the slow side.  The overall winner of the event, who unfortunately was not at the presentation, was John Cunningham with a very fine 40pts just edging out Sel Wegner, who had to settle for the Div B win on 39.  Second in Div B was Murray Hart with 37pts and with it he collected another 400 Race to Bangkok points to move into 2nd place on 1000.

Capt’ Steve won Div A, heading off Ian Heddle & Ron Dickie in a three-way count back, all on 36, whilst the returning Carl Luke, and welcome back, took Div C with a modest 34, also getting the better of two other players on count back and no strangers to the podium, Suzi & John O’Keefe.

Bob Lindborg won Div D on 36pts from KE Persson, who has taken to playing from the new PSC silver tees only to be told today that he couldn’t but proved he could play pretty good from the whites, with 33.

Back at the bar there was plenty of chatter and quaffing of the usual amber nectars as well as a good spread of Farang & Thai food all courtesy of Laong.  She also sponsored the Near Pin vouchers which were won by Steve Plant (4th), Dave Buchanan (9th), Suzi Lawton (12th) and Jack Butler (16th).

At the end of the Outback presentation of prizes etc, Nigel Cannon said a few kind words in remembrance of Frank and on Laong’s behalf.

There were only three ‘2’s from Dave Buchanan, Eddie Smith & Laong Gatepratum


1st John Cunningham (8) 40pts

Div A (0-11)

1st Stephen Mann (10) 36pts

2nd Ian Heddle (4) 36pts

3rd Ron Dickie (8) 36pts

Div B (12-16)

1st Sel Wegner (13) 39pts

2nd Murray Hart (15) 37pts

3rd Steve Plant (12) 36pts

Div C (17-19)

1st Carl Luke (18) 34pts

2nd Suzi Lawton (19) 34pts

3rd John O’Keefe (17) 34pts

Div D (20+)

1st Bob Lindborg (21) 36pts

2nd Kurt Eric Persson (31) 33pts

3rd Tim Knight (20) 32pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 087 941 2474.