Mulberry magnificent at St. Andrews


PSC Golf from The Golf Club

Monday, April 27, St. Andrews (white tees) – Stableford

1st Steve Mulberry (10) 41pts

2nd Phil Williams (14) 40pts

T3rd Bill Gneiting (12) 36pts

T3rd Peter Le Noury (10) 36pts

T3rd Muffy Kerr (11) 36pts

T3rd John Emmerson (14) 36pts

Thank you All Thailand Tour!  It was great to see our home course of Green Valley on the telly last week and how strange it was to see those familiar holes look so different on the small screen.  Sure, they rearranged all the holes to suit the tour players, but it was interesting to watch the pros and how they were so amazing playing from the back tees and still eating up the course.  It really is “a game I am not familiar with” for those lads.

Jim Dundon, John Mulrooney and Michael Otterman.Jim Dundon, John Mulrooney and Michael Otterman.

Back to reality and the game at hand.  We were shifted over to St. Andrews on Monday as RGV was fully booked and what a pleasant change it was.  The course was in beautiful condition and apparently they had a sale on 36’s as 4 of the boys had that score to share a tie for third place.

It all turned out to be a 2-horse race, but with Phil “The Horse” coming just one shot short and lost by a nose for the win.  Don’t feel bad mate, at least you beat all those other blokes by 4 strokes!

Today was all for Mr. Mulberry who dominated the field with a magnificent 41 points.  Stevie is the host of our annual Mulberry Ryder Cup trek that takes us to all parts of Thailand in late January or early February.  It has been quite some time since he has played St. Andrews as his home course of Siam Old usually takes precedence, but his memory served him well on the day.

Nice going mate, keep it up for Soi Dao Highlands!

Wednesday, April 29, Mt. Shadow (blue tees) – Stableford

1st Michael Otterman (21) 37pts

2nd Rick Allison (2) 35pts

T3rd Stephen Borjerson (29) 33pts

T3rd Lothar Eggar (16) 33pts

Yes, we can keep booking Mountain Shadow again as the course was in great condition and even the greens were a bit more manageable this time around.  There were about 6 guys who had not played this course before and all came back with rave reviews.  The general consensus was they found it a tough golf course but still a fair test on a great layout.  I would vote the 3rd hole par-5 and the 17th par- 3 as two of the best on the course.  We also had an advantage of having some fantastic weather on the day as some very localized rain was all around, but not here.

With a winning score of 37, it shows that Mountain Shadow is still hard work.  Make a few mistakes on this track and even with a Stableford comp, you will be out of the action.

Lothar (our April Monthly Medal winner) and Stephen shared third with 33’s, Sydneysider Rick Allison took sole second with a respectable 35, playing off just a 2 handicap, but it was Michael Otterman that woke up on the right side of the bed this morning and turned in a brilliant 37.  That will usually be enough points to win at this course any day.  Nice going lads!

Friday, May 1, Pattavia (white tees) – Stableford

1st John Mulrooney (12) 45pts

2nd Jim Dundon (17) 43pts

3rd Michael Otterman (20) 40pts

Nope, there is no typo on the above scorecard.  Read ‘em and weep boys, 128 stableford points for the top 3 golfers is a new record for us and those scores are even more amazing being attained at Pattavia.  It must have been the alignment of the stars or some voodoo schmoodoo stuff happening out there today because these scores are just unreal.

Michael Otterman was our Wednesday winner at Mountain Shadow with 37 so he is playing well and even improved it with his 40 point card.  Jimmy Dundon just got off the boat (literally) and has not played in awhile and shot his best round ever.  A 43 would usually be a guaranteed winner on any course we play.  Assuming he had the win, Jim was shattered and currently in intensive psychological counseling, but then who wouldn’t be?  Put down that baseball bat Jimmy!

John (Mulla) Mulrooney took a blob on the first hole and followed that up with 17 great holes for a 45, which I think is the best TGC score of 2015.  You just never know in this funny old game.  Let this be a lesson to us all, you blob the first hole and that might just be the blessing of a fantastic day of golf!

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