Monte makes second career hole-in-one


PSC golf from Café Kronborg

Monday, Feb. 4, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

We were at Mountain Shadow for the second time in 4 days and we were off the first tee 30 minutes early under sunny skies and with a nice breeze.  The course was in fine condition and showing no signs of the heavy rain of the previous week.  It was busy but we moved right along and were back in the clubhouse in 4 hours and 30 minutes where welcomes went out to Bob Edwards, Dan Oshiro, Ray Gott and Jim Carrick and a goodbye to our old friend Koji Yamada, heading back to Kobe.

Two flights today with the cut at handicap 19 and a full bevy of pins.  The big news on the day was a hole in one by Monte Sykes on the short 5th, only his second and both witnessed by the scribe almost 2 years to the day since the first one.

(Left to Right): Doug Maiko, Dave Richardson and Jack Robertson.(Left to Right): Doug Maiko, Dave Richardson and Jack Robertson.

Ted Morris won the A Flight with a fine 40 points, Monte Sykes was second on 37, and always in the mix was Mike Allidi in third with 36 points ahead of Don Richardson in fourth.

Jesper Rasmussen topped the B Flight with 36 points while Graham Buckingham came second on 32, Elias Magnusson third with 31 and Ray Gott fourth on 30.

A Flight (0-19)

1st Ted Morris (13) 40pts

2nd Monte Sykes (8) 37pts

3rd Mike Allidi (2) 36pts

4th Don Richardson (10) 35pts

B Flight (20+)

1st Jesper Rasmussen (21) 36pts

2nd Graham Buckingham (24) 32pts

3rd Elias Magnusson (21) 31pts

4th Ray Gott (30) 30pts

Near Pins:  #5 Monte Sykes (hole in one), #8 Ray Gott, #15 Ty Anderson, #17 Dan Oshiro.

Long Putts:  #9 Bob Edwards, #18 Doug Maiko

Thursday, Feb. 7, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Crystal bay A&B loops today and we teed off 10 minutes in perfect weather conditions.  The course was in very good shape but with some fairways a bit firm.

The first group (a three-ball) was back in the clubhouse in 4 hours, with the rest of the field seemingly in a different time zone.  Welcomes went out to Pekka Mustonen and Kalle Jaskara from Finland and Henning Olsen from Denmark.

Two flights today with the cut at handicap 19 and the full monty of pins.  Doug Maiko won the A Flight on a count back from Mike Allidi in second, both on 37 points, while Kjeld Ravn came third with 36 and Mashi Kaneta, always in the mix, was fourth with 33.

jack robertson was first in the B Flight with 38 points(25 on the front), Dave Richardson took second with 36, Pekka Mustonen third on 35 points and Carole Kubicki fourth with 34.

A Flight (0-19)

1st Doug Maiko (14) 37pts

2nd Mike Allidi (2) 37pts

3rd Kjeld Ravn (18) 36pts

4th Mashi Kaneta (15) 33pts

B Flight (21+)

1st Jack Robertson (26) 38pts

2nd Dave Richardson (25) 36pts

3rd Pekka Mustonen (21) 35pts

4th Carole Kubicki (22) 34pts

Near Pins: A5 Susanne Gaarde, A8 Mashi Kaneta, B4 Jesper Rasmussen, B6 Dave Richardson

Long Putts:  A9 Ragne P, B9 Carole Kubicki.

Note:  If you are looking for a game of golf, call Dave at 083 602 2117 or email [email protected].  We are busy right now so sign up early.