Miss May cards 41 points at Green Valley to earn top spot

(L to R) Lloyd Shuttleworth and his wife Arna with Tony Oakes.
(L to R) Lloyd Shuttleworth and his wife Arna with Tony Oakes.

PSC Golf from Billabong

Monday, 18th November Phoenix Gold Stableford

It was a glorious day out for golf with a nice breeze blowing and not a cloud in the sky. There were no holdups while playing Phoenix Gold on the Lakes and Ocean loops which were in fantastic condition and everything just flowed along.

With 5 groups playing we were away right on time. The girls went out in front of the lads and set a cracking pace for us to follow.

Only 4 players didn’t manage to score over 30 points, not bad at all. It’s a rough day out when you play to your handicap and not be in the prize’s but that’s what happened today to one of our lady players.

Dave Bramley took third spot with a fine 37 points, Wes Rado took second with 39 points and Thiery Petrement took the top spot with a great 42 points off his 12 handicap.

There were 4 twos coming from Dave Bramley, Thiery Petrement, Wes Rado and Miss May.

Wednesday, 20th November Green Valley Stableford

Green Valley, with a few surprise’s – what started out as 11 players turned into 19 by the time we teed off, plus the ladies team of 8 players.

As per usual the ladies made a meal of the course with two on 37 points making for a count back between Miss Porn and Miss Prae with Miss Prae taking second and Miss Porn 3rd.

Leading the pack by a country mile was Miss May with her great score of 41 points which included 2 twos.

The men’s competition was somewhat different. When you score 25 points on the front nine holes you could reasonably expect that you would win the tournament. Alas, that was not to be but more on that a little later.

The day was just right for golf with a nice breeze blowing to keep the heat away, the course is in fantastic condition at the moment and the greens were as fast as making for really good scores.

There was a 4 way count back, all on 35 points, between Greg Ritchie, Malcolm Adamson, Fergus Brennan and Peter LeNoury with Peter getting 4th due to a slightly better back nine. Third place went to Glyn Davies with a handicap matching 36 points.

Now comes the man with 25 points on the front nine but could only manage 15 on the back for 40 points to take second and Tony Oakes was that man.

The man just back from 9 weeks in the sands of Basra came home with a 74 off the stick on his 6 handicap to take the count back and first place, also with 40 points, Lloyd Shuttleworth.

There were two 2s coming from Lloyd Shuttleworth and Fergus Brennan.