‘Michelle’ is back


The Backyard Golf Society

It was another enjoyable day for the Backyard Golfers at Emerald last Friday, Jan. 3.  The issue of non-booked players walking on and being allowed to do so was not repeated this time, so perhaps (we all doubt it greatly) the course management has seen the light?

The winner and back from a week off as alter-ego ‘Mike the Taxi’, was ‘Michelle’ Chatt with 38 points being enough on this occasion.  The near-pin award went to the returning Pommie Kit; at least England has something to smile about after the Ashes debacle.

‘Michelle’, a.k.a. ‘Mike the Taxi’ (left) at Blue Sky.‘Michelle’, a.k.a. ‘Mike the Taxi’ (left) at Blue Sky.

The skins turned out to be a curious affair with just 2 players winning.  Both ‘Foos yer Doos’ Cowe (complete with a very stylish Jockonese #1 hair-cut) and Irish John won 6 skins each and the last 6 will be rolled over to the following week.  As is our practice, only those players who played today will be eligible to win the roll-overs next time, we are not inclined to let someone just come in to take the loot.

So it was down the road then for the traditional post-game beverage consumption session where ‘Michelle’ was glad to buy a round with the day’s big winnings.  Our un-regulated custom of the winner buying a round still continues and a curse on he who first decides not to buy the lads a drink – May all your putts be short!

There were a couple of absentees on the day as Don ‘The Divorcer’ has not surfaced since his trip to The Killing Fields (did she bury him there?) and Russell ‘He’s a Victoria’is still Down Under for the holidays.  Best of luck in 2014 to all players!