‘Michelle’ Chatt’s big score


Backyard Golf Society

It was an historic day for the Backyard Golf Society today as we had our first female winner of the stableford competition.  ‘Michelle’ Chatt, a clone of Mike ‘the Taxi’ Chatt, had a great round with 40 points, narrowly beating Don ‘the Divorcer’ who scored 39.  ‘Michelle’ played off a handicap of 14 and went off the same tees as the men so well done to her.

The near-pin was again won by Golden Trowel’s boyfriend; he is becoming a crack shot of the last par 3 on the course.  The skins were well shared with 3 to JJ, 3 to Irish John, 2 to ‘Second-hand’ Bob who had a birdie for a 5-pointer on the difficult par-3 13th hole, 6 to Don ‘the Divorcer’ and 1 each to Golden Trowel’s boyfriend, Dan ‘the Diet Whiskey Man’ and ‘Michelle’ Chatt.  The 18th will be rolled over to next week as 3 players in the same four-ball had birdies on it.

‘Michelle’ Chatt celebrates at Blue Sky Bar. ‘Michelle’ Chatt celebrates at Blue Sky Bar.

Golden Trowel’s boyfriend once again regaled us with stories of his Reg Grundy’s and we then adjourned down the road for a few ales where John #2 – aka Army John (*) – found his place occupied by another punter.  Blue Sky and Kisses had a good day’s takings as the lads consumed quite a few ‘coldies’ to cool down after a warm day on the course.

(*) is also the official Backyard Golf Society groupie; he never misses the post-game session down the road and even has his own dedicated taxi to the weekly event.

Our football pool was won again by Bun in Blue Sky; it seems the bars have a winner almost every week now and perhaps some of the girls will turn up to our end-of-year beverage consumption session next week in Jomtien.

Dan ‘the Diet Whiskey Man’ has arranged new shirts for any member wanting one and he will now ask if they make one large enough to fit Don ‘the Divorcer’s’ ample mid-section.