Michael Blumhagen streaks away at Burapha Golf Course

Winner Michael Blumhagen, minus the Green Jacket.

Pattaya Spots Club Links Golf Society
Thursday. Jan. 21
Burapha A+B

The best laid plans! We had 17 players organized into group playing order, as we do each game. One request for a change resulted in wholesale changes whereby the final starting line-up bore little resemblance to the original. Oh well! It happens sometimes.

Our return to Burapha has taken a while because of the problems the course had with the A and B nines. However, we found that all is back to top condition, looking and playing well.

Burapha management have brought back the Seniors, over 60 years, special price of 1250 baht all-in. There are times when it pays to be old.

Michael Blumhagen came to Links Golf in October last year and quickly racked up a couple of handicap beating scores. His handicap came down but then, not because of the handicap, he had some lower scores, where he had some problems with some greens that didn’t quite suit him.

This day, finding the course, and especially the greens much more to his liking, he has piled on a huge 43 points from his #9 handicap, and streaked away from the rest. His card has plenty of pars and some birdies for a gross score of 74.

On most days a score of 39 points would see a player wearing the Green Jacket, but two players with 39 points had to settle for a countback for second and third.

Colin Service was in the mix again and gained second spot over Steve (I never win countbacks) Moxey. Karl Flood scored 38 points, another good score on another day, taking fourth place on countback.

We were fortunate enough to have ‘near pins’ again and all four were won.

Near Pins: Mike Ehlert (A3), Paul Smith (A6), Paul Smith (B3), George Mueller (B8).

Winners at Burapha

1st Place – Michael Blumhagen (9) – 43 pts
2nd Place – Colin Service (17) – 39 pts c/back
3rd Place – Steve Moxey (12) – 39 pts
4th Place – Karl Flood (17) – 38 pts c/back
Best Front Nine (non winners) – Peter Lacey – 21 pts
Best Back Nine (non winners) – Tommy Marshall – 19 pts

The weather was as good as it gets for golf this time of the year and we now know the terrific condition of the course. We will return in about twelve days (Feb. 2) to take up that great Seniors price and hope for some more big scores.