Methodical Dave McKey up front at Khao Kheow Golf Club

Winner Dave McKey carded 42 points during a very steady round of golf, shown here with Phil Davies presenting.

PSC Links Golf Society
Friday Sept. 24
Khao Kheow Country Club A+B

The big scores keep coming. Ten days ago, Petur Petursson amazed with 40 points from his #5 handicap. Then, two days ago, Bob Paine went better than that with 42 points.

This day saw another 42 points, this time from a very steady round of golf by Dave McKey. Dave has a solid and consistent pre shot routine, and it works well.

22 points on the front nine, followed by 20 points on the home run put him clear of the pack, and gave him his second win for this month.

Neil Smith has had some good scores since he joined us at Links, and some not so good, but his 38 points today was his second time with that score and now, as then, took second place.

Petur Petursson has been on the podium for each game since his return to Pattaya and filled third spot with a solid round of 35 points, showing just what a good golfer he is.

Len Jones had the ‘best front nine’ with 21 points and Bob Paine had ‘best back nine’ with 20 points.

Winners at Khao Kheow
1st Place – Dave McKey (19) – 42 pts
2nd Place – Neil Smith (26) – 38 pts
3rd Place – Petur Petursson (5) – 35 pts
Best Front Nine (non winners) – Len Jones – 21 pts
Best Back Nine (non winners) – Bob Paine – 20 pts

After a week of watching the weather forecasts, it was nice to have no such worry this time. There was plenty of cloud about and some a very grey colour, but never a hint of rain.

However, it had rained the previous night, so carts were restricted to the path.

As it was a government holiday, the course was very busy and, at one point in the afternoon, my caddie was told that they didn’t have enough available caddies. Two rounds were on the cards for some.

The course was in very good condition and, even though they didn’t look pretty, with brown blotches and some sand, the greens played truly and with good pace.

The fairways are nicely cut and, on the B course, had some run. The rough, even though cut down, is still difficult.

We will return here to have another shot in about two weeks.