Max takes monthly honours on count back


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, May 28, Green Valley – Stableford

This is one of the courses that is at the top of the pyramid.  I know there are golfing venues that cost more, even at this outlet, but for a fine day out this course is as good as any.

I have played it since the present 6th hole was the first, and we used to clip-clop down the road from the old clubhouse in real spikes.  How things change and now the old first that used to be lined with, I believe lemon grass, is halfway around, or so.  I also miss the old par 5 that is now the par 4 second hole.  That was a monster and a real test over water for the good players.

Dick Warberg (right) presents the MBMG Group Golfer Of The Month award to Max Bracegirdle.Dick Warberg (right) presents the MBMG Group Golfer Of The Month award to Max Bracegirdle.

Still, the course beckoned and we started off with a full seven groups, many for this time of the year, and were underway on time.  The course was well presented and the weather was not too bad except that we had a bit of wind.  The fairways were in quite condition and the greens fast and true.

We got around in good time however some of the later groups tended to struggle in the heat.  Still, back in the changing room it was a pleasure to partake of a nice shower.  Refreshed, it was then time to try out one of the fine restaurants that are in this venue.

Back at Bert’s not only were the players awaiting the winner but it was also time for the MBMG Group Golfer of the Month, and the scores were as usual close and the day’s results would determine the result.

In the A Flight, Dick Warberg triumphed with a fine 39 points ahead of a count back on 37 points that saw Max Scott in second and Mark West in third.  In the B Flight we had a count back for the winner on 38 points which was won by Max Bracegirdle ahead of Derek Brook.  In third was Barry Elphick with 37 points.

The winning of the B Flight count back proved to be the final domino falling and Max Bracegirdle, by the count back, became the MBMG Golfer of the Month.  Well done Max!

Near Pins:  John Hackett, Bryan Parish, Mashi, Max Scott, Ray White, T.E. Oreton, John Costello.

Friday, May 31, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

We had a good turnout for a Friday, which was not surprising as most of our group like playing this course.  It once had a ferocious reputation and I can remember taking groups here when the winning score was less than 30 points, but I think that the slowing down of the greens have made the course much more playable.  Plus of course they have quite a good rate here at the present.  This probably is why the course always seems to be full on the days we go.

On this day, standing on the first tee, all looked fair and the groups immediately in front of us were playing off the white tees, so we expected to get around quite quickly.  However, with six-balls and five-balls in front of us the day turned into a bit of a crawl with constant hold-ups.  On most par 3’s we had two or three groups waiting.  Still, it gave us time to have a break at the rest stops and smell the roses as we went around.  Apart that is that there were no roses.

Bob Watson and Mike O’Brien.Bob Watson and Mike O’Brien.

The course itself is in quite good condition, if a bit bare, so the ball ran well on the fairways and in the rough it was usually possible to get your club on the ball.  The greens, as said, have been slowed down but are still very tricky and difficult to read a line on.  Also some of the holes were very ragged and had obviously not been changed for some time.  But all in all it was a very enjoyable round, even if I couldn’t hit the ball.

As a sister course to Crystal Bay, the layout here and clubhouse have seen better days, but the food in the restaurant is not too bad, and remarkably well priced.  On the table is a sign for four specials all well priced and very good value, also very tasty.  A couple of us tried the special and found it excellent.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results and the normal suspects were well to the fore.  In the A Flight the winner with 35 points was the ‘Golfer’ Bob Watson with one of his fine rounds and 35 points, a tough day.  In second place was Mark West with 34 points and in third was Ted Morris with 32 points.

In the B Flight we had the best score when Mike O’Brien won with 37 points, good round Mike.  In second was Dick Warberg playing good golf again with 32 points on count back over Barry Oats in third.

Great day and of course the ‘cold ones’ flowed.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Mike O’Brien, Ted Morris, Ray White, Steve Little