Mashi & Bill take anniversary win


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Society

Tuesday, Nov. 3, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

I know some players dislike this course but the scribe is not amongst them, and I can think of many courses with better reputations that would be lower down on my list of favourites. 

Pleasant Valley did not start very auspiciously years ago, as the fairways seemed to be too close together on a piece of land that was really too small for a golf course, however with the planting of trees it has matured and come on leaps and bounds.

Mashi Kaneta (left) and Nigel Perry (right) with one of BJ Holiday Lodge’s finest.

This was usually a layout that suffered greatly when it rained, and one of our players used to call it ‘Pleasant Swamp’, however when we play these days it always seems to be in fine condition and so it was on this day.  The fairways were fine although the ball did pick up mud in places, and the greens were a bit slow, but it is not exactly dry around the area these days.  All in all a good course and well presented.

Round over and on our way back to Pattaya the weather quickly deteriorated as we got closer to home.  It was pouring down, and we waded through the water to BJ’s where we were reminded that this was our first anniversary of our move from Tropical Bert’s, and a nice little buffet had been laid on by the proprietors.  We thank them for this nice gesture.

So to the presentation and the scores were not too bad when taking into account the fact that the course was playing long on the day.  In the A Flight, 0 to 18, no surprise as Mashi Kaneta took the win with 38 points ahead of Landis Brooks in second on 37 and Bill McGarvie was third a further point back.  In the B Flight the winner was Nigel Perry with 34 points on count back over Tom Cotton in second place while third spot went to Cave Cooper with 33.


Near Pins: Don Carmody, Landis Brooks, Takeshi Hakozaki, Don Carmody

Long Putts: John Hackett