Masa’s green jacket …at last

Masa Takano (center) with Martin Annable (left) and Maurice Roberts.
Masa Takano (center) with Martin Annable (left) and Maurice Roberts.

PSC Pattaya Links Golf Society

Monday, Nov. 5, Bangpakong – Stableford

A Flight

1st Paul Stewart (16) 41pts

2nd Paul Smith (3) 39pts

3rd Liam Bennett (5) 38pts

4th Tony Inman (2) 37pts

B Flight

1st John Hughes (19) 37pts

2nd Pierre Zbinden (21) 37pts

3rd Tony Browne (18) 36pts

4th Matt Doyle (19) 36pts

Bangpakong Riverside was the venue for the Pattaya Links Golf Society on Monday as eleven groups took the trip up Highway 7.

The weather conditions were marvellous with the usual fresh breeze in attendance and the course was at its pristine best with well grassed fairways and quick and consistent greens. The only drawback was that a full course restricted progress and the later groups, the final one in particular, spent four hours and fifty-five minutes toiling throughout the hottest part of the day. The large field was divided into two divisions, cut at sixteen and under.

In the second flight there was some hint of sparkle with Matt Doyle in fourth, losing on countback to a rejuvenated Tony Browne on 36 points. Countback also ruled in favour of John Hughes for the top prize as Pierre Zbinden took second with 37 points also.

There were more fireworks than squibs in the top flight as the day’s low marker Tony Inman (handicap 2) beat Stuart Connell on countback for fourth with 37 points. Liam Bennett went one better in third with 38 points but Paul Smith’s best gross of 72 was enough to give him 39 points for a fine runner-up finish.

The winner, and consequently the Green Jacket recipient, was Paul Stewart with 41 points.

The best front nine consolation award went to Michael Stafford with 19 points and the back nine award went to Ken Page after a splendid 23 points on the run in.

The near pins were in two flights and the winners included Keith Buchanan (7), Matt Cronin (7), Stuart Connell (16), Tony Browne (13 and 16) and Lee Cobban (4 and 13).

Wednesday, Nov. 7, Treasure Hill – Stableford

A Flight

1st Masa Takano (9) 38pts

2nd Maurice Roberts (13) 31pts

3rd Liam Bennett (5) 30pts

4th Tony Inman (2) 30pts

B Flight

1st John Anderson (27) 35pts

2nd Stan Stewart (20) 33pts

3rd Paul Chesney (20) 31pts

4th Iain Jones (22) 30pts

Masa Takano has had some very good and consistent scores in his six weeks or so this trip and, even though scoring forty points a week ago, has often been beaten to the Green Jacket

But, on his final game before heading home, he’s snared his prize for a very good score on a tough day.

When you mention Treasure Hill and it sends shudders through golfers of all abilities, believing it to be a difficult course.

Most of the 36 starters today set out to prove the point with all but three players returning scorecards they would rather forget.

A flight saw Masa Takano with a great 38 points beating Maurice Roberts, 31 points, into second. Then two of the travelling “Brexiteers”, as dubbed by Maurice, went to a countback on 30 points, with Liam Bennett nudging out Tony Inman for third.

B flight winner, John Anderson, came in with the second best score of the day scoring 35 points. He rarely wins anything, but the odds shorten substantially when he tees up at Treasure Hill.

Stan Stewart provided the other good score of 33 points for second spot ahead of Paul Chesney on 31 points and filling the fourth place on the podium, Iain Jones won a countback on 30 points.

Near Pins went to Shaun Woodcock (2), Tip Briney (6), Margaret Stanton (13) and Ken Page (17)

Friday, Nov. 9, Eastern Star – Stableford

A Flight

1st Tony Inman (2) 33pts

2nd Ross Nicholson (11) 32pts

3rd Liam Bennet (5) 31pts

B Flight

1st Alan Walker (27) 35pts

2nd Keith Melbourne (33) 30pts

3rd Dave Arataki (25) 29pts

For certain when Robert Trent, Jones Jr designed Eastern Star golf course he did not factor in the effects of high humidity, rain, and tightly mown fairways coupled with a mischievous greenkeeper’s penchant for placing pins on slopes. But that’s just what the Pattaya Links Golf Society found when they visited the course on Friday.

Seven groups of golfers found the going tough and scores were a reflection of the conditions. There were two flights with the cut at nineteen and under.

In the top flight the visiting Nottingham golfers played the course for the first time on their final day out and found Tony Inman and Liam Bennett in first and third respectively with scores of 33 points and 31 points. The “sandwich” was completed with visitor Ross Nicholson taking second with 32 points.

Scores were similar in the second flight with Dave Arataki taking third place with 29 points, one behind a resurgent Keith Melbourne, ending his trip on 30.

The flight winner, with the honour of Green Jacket, was the senior member of the field, Alan Walker, whose 35 points came from consistency off the tee and accuracy elsewhere. He was completely unfazed, as usual, by the conditions and simply got on with the job.

Consolation awards went to Stuart Connell’s best front nine of 17 points and the returning Martin Hoblyn’s fine 16 points in-run, beating Jim Ferris on countback.

Near pins were claimed by Dale Wells (3), Jerry Hanrahan (6), Liam Bennett (13) and Dave Arataki (17).