Mark &Yui – the new PSC Champions


PSC 18th Club Golf Championship 2012

The first major PSC tournament of the year was played over 2 days at the challenging Khao Kheow Golf Club, both days playing the ‘A’ and ‘B’ 9’s.  There was a full field of 120 players including 18 ladies.  The format was an individual competition; 4 flights and Ladies, (stroke or medal according to handicap) on both days as well as the 2 day overall to find the 2012 Lady and Gentleman PSC Champions.

Day 1 – Tuesday 10th January

The welcoming party was President Tony Oakes, Golf Chairman Joe Mooneyham and Social Chairman Nigel Cannon and with these three experienced administrators, booking in and the collecting of the Championship shirts went smoothly.

(Left-right) PSC Golf Chairman Joe Mooneyham, Ladies’ Champion Yui Bietry, Men’s Champion Mark McDonald, and PSC President Tony Oakes.(Left-right) PSC Golf Chairman Joe Mooneyham, Ladies’ Champion Yui Bietry, Men’s Champion Mark McDonald, and PSC President Tony Oakes.

It was a 2-tee start with 15 groups on each side.  The weather was fine and sunny with a wind during the first part of the day.  The course was presented in absolutely first class order.

Rounds were to the order of 4½ hours and as the players came into the clubhouse Tony, Joe and Nigel were busy calculating the first day’s results.

Past champion Paul Smith came in with the best gross of 75 – interesting round for Paul 41/34.  In ‘A’ flight there were 3 net 72’s with Tom McManus (11) declared the winner on count back.

Bo Napawan (left) was the Ladies division winner.Bo Napawan (left) was the Ladies division winner.

Tony Robbins (14) led ‘B’ flight with a net 72 on count back – this was Tony’s first game for a month following knee surgery.

‘C’ flight saw Tony Chetland (18) as the leader with 40 points.  Best of the day came in ‘D’ flight with 45 from Kenny Chung (30).

All the Ladies played medal and coming in first place was Bo Napawan (34) with a net 67 – this despite her being 8 months pregnant!

Day 2 – Friday 13th January

Another fine day of golf and with all arriving early and playing in the same groups as Tuesday, everyone was away on time with rounds of 4½ hours.  The weather was perfect for golf with no wind and cloud cover keeping it comfortable.

Dave Richardson (right) is congratulated by Joe Mooneyham after his lucky draw win.Dave Richardson (right) is congratulated by Joe Mooneyham after his lucky draw win.

The low gross today was from Mark McDonald with gross 75.  This being the same as Paul Smith on Tuesday it would need count back to determine the year’s Men’s Champion.

There were all new names in the flight winner today.

‘A’ flight leader was Mark Wood (9) with a net 69, and in ‘B’ flight Colin Grieg (12) with a net 71.

The stableford ‘C’ flight was won by Steve Ellison (17) with a fine 41 points.  ‘D’ flight produced the best of the day with 46 points by Phillppe Pruvot (29).

The ladies flight saw three players all on net 68 with Yui Bietry (10) getting the nod from Rotjana Neal (13) and Bo Napawan (34).

Once the Day 2 results were calculated then came the job of finding the 2-day overall winners including both Ladies and Men Champions.  Tony, Joe and Nigel were busy long after all had gone as such a competition needs careful calculation to ensure the correct results are recorded.

The presentation was at Marriott’s Dicey Riley’s on 2nd Road.  Prior to the presentation all enjoyed some excellent food with the serving of drinks done in a very efficient manner.  Then it was time for the presentation with Tony, Joe, William and Nigel all taking part.

The Kubicki’s showed up once more in support of a PSC event.The Kubicki’s showed up once more in support of a PSC event.

President Tony Oakes expressed the appreciation of all competitors to Joe for an excellent competition – and as a past Golf Chairman was only too aware of the organizing it takes to run a competition like this one.  Joe expressed his thanks to Tony, Nigel and William for their help in ensuring all went well and thanks to all who took part.

Nigel then proceeded to announce the winners from both Day 1 and Day 2 followed by the overall results:

Past champion Robert Brown (10) was in top spot in ‘A’ flight with 144 net.  Richard Kubicki (15) was the ‘B’ flight winner with 147 net, beating Jerry McCarthy (16) on count back.

In the stableford ‘C’ flight it was Steve Ellison (17) with 76 points getting nod over Colin Davis on count back.  Kenny Chung (30) won ‘D’ flight with 83 points.

It was now time for the announcement of the 2012 PSC Ladies and Gentleman’s Champions.  Nigel asked all to stand to welcome the PSC 2012 Lady Champion Yui Bietry with gross score over the two days of 162. Yui was welcomed on stage by both Tony and Joe to receive her trophy.

The Bunker Boys relax at Dicey Riley’s.The Bunker Boys relax at Dicey Riley’s.

The Men’s Champion was decided on count back with 2 players both having had a 75 on one of the first 2 days.  Runner-up was a past champion Paul Smith and the new PSC Men’s Champion was Mark McDonald with a gross of 153 – once again the Champion was greeted with a standing ovation.

After some time whilst the new Champions were congratulated, it was time for the lucky draw, followed by the 50/50 lucky draw.  This month the winner was ‘The Admiral’ Dave Richardson.

Nigel then reminded all the next PSC monthly would be at Pleasant Valley on Friday 10th February and sign-up sheets would be at the clubhouse next week.

He also reminded all that the annual PSC Charity Classic would be on Friday 16th March at Green Valley – when the winner would be ‘Charity’.

Note:  Full results are available on the PSC web-site and on the Club notice board.

Men’s Champion

Mark McDonald 153

Ladies Champion

Yui Bietry 162

A Flight

1st Robert Brown (10) net 144

2nd Jean Maffray (11) net 145

3rd Ed Wyckoff (11) net 146

B Flight

1st Richard Kubicki (15) net 147

2nd Jerry McCarthy (16) net 147

3rd Neils Hansen (15) net 152

C Flight

1st Steve Ellison (17) 76pts

2nd Colin Davis (18) 76pts

3rd Tony Barrit (19) 74pys

D Flight

1st Kenny Chung (30) 83pts

2nd Phillippe Pruvot (29) 79pts

3rd James Bell (21) 78pts


1st Bo Napawan (34) net 135

2nd Rotjana Neal (13) net 141

3rd Pon Naren (17) net 141