Malcolm lands the big one


Sea fishing with KPK Food Services Ltd.

Ahoy me hearties, Captain Chaos here!

With two of the passengers not feeling up to it today (May 12), five of the remaining crew set off to catch the early tide.  When we arrived we knew it was going to be a hot sticky day out on the ocean.  The skies were clear but there was a hint of a breeze.

When we arrived at the first destination we decided to try for big fish only.  The tide was running favorable and it was considered the best time to try for the biggies.  However a couple of hours later, after having one biggy bite (and subsequently lost in the attempt to land it) we decided that all the crew needed a bit of action, so we moved to another spot and drifted with the current and the breeze.

Malcolm Schofield with his queen fish. Malcolm Schofield with his queen fish.

It was not long before all members of the crew were pulling in good sized snapper, pla dang and grouper – all good eating fish.  In fact yours truly pulled in the biggest pla dang I have ever seen.  Boy was he a fatty fish.

There is always something different happening at sea and today we had first.  As Fred pulled up two small fish (on the same line) the rod seemed to bend a little more than normal.  As we watched it reach the surface there was a huge cuttle fish hanging on to the two small fish plus a tangled live squid from another line.  All three were being held in the mouth of the cuttle fish.

Great care was taken to lift the whole catch in one piece until a net could be put around the cuttle fish.  As soon as net touched the cuttle fish it released its prey and tried to dive for safety.  Too late – we had him.  Well actually as I write this my wife is slowly devouring the whole thing.  The sad part of that catch was that no one owned a budgerigar so as to take the cuttle bone home.

And so the day went on until about 3.30 p.m. and we decided to try an old spot I once remembered catching big fish.  So we set off and spent the last hour talking and waiting for a reel to scream.  By this time I had settled to award the KPK Food Services cap to Peter Holt for his good sized snapper.  After duly awarding the cap and taking the photo, (it was too much to tempt fate) bang, the big rig reel went berserk.  After a 15 minute fight Malcolm Schofield landed the lovely queen fish depicted in the photo.  This meant I had to take the cap from Peter and award it to Malcolm.

We gave it another 15 minutes before deciding it was time for a couple of amber nectars to wash the salt water down.  Back at Mama’s Bar, owned by Steve Craythorne, we enjoyed the couple of drinks whilst all the lovely girls sorted out their fish for the evening.

Next scheduled trip is the 26th May and we are already half full.  If anyone is interested in coming along, call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565, or send an email to [email protected]  After that the next trip will be 16th June.