Maher & Morris blitz Burapha


PSC Golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, March 9, Burapha – Stableford

A warm welcome to Graham Holmes and 25 of his TIAC tour group who joined us playing A and B from the white tees today, making a total of 44 players.  General Jack was also at the start today to greet the group, many of whom are frequent visitors to Thailand and are well known at the Outback.  These guys were the advance party of 42 players, who were due to start their four day competition on Monday, March 16.

Andrew Scaife, the professional from Greenways Driving Range, is responsible for the long overdue improvement in Tim Knight’s golf who won the third division with 36 points, from Ivan Plunkett (35) in second and Dennis Toal and Bob Lindborg taking third & fourth on 34 points each.  Treat yourself, go and have a lesson with Andrew!

Many of the TIAC boys plus a couple of infiltrators.Many of the TIAC boys plus a couple of infiltrators.

The scores in division B were red hot with TIAC players taking the first three places.  Brendan Maher had a fantastic 44 points to just beat Tom Morris (43) and Laurie Rieve took third with 40.  The best of the local boys, Jimmy Little, scraped into fourth with 39 points.

The top division was to deny the visitors any scalps as the local boys took all four podium places, headed by the consistent Peter Nixon (37) from Rob Barnes (36) and Jim Brackett and Bob Finley both with 35’s.

Peter Nixon (A6), Bob Lindborg (B3), Graeme Crofts & Chris Van Hausen (A3) all had ‘2’s, and apparently so did Tom Morris!

Outback opinion: Weather – fine, hot; Check in – friendly & efficient as always; Tee time – on time; Fairways – damp; Rough – light; Greens – fast; Bunkers – wet; Value for money – acceptable; Pace of play – under four hours; Drink stations open – all open; Restaurant – not visited (price)

Div A (0-15)

1st Peter Nixon (11) 37pts

2nd Robert Barnes (11) 36pts

3rd Jim Brackett (09) 35pts

4th Bob Finley (14) 35pts

Div B (16-23)

1st Brendan Maher (17) 44pts

2nd Tom Morris (23) 43pts

3rd Laurie Rieve (19) 40pts

4th Jimmy Little (21) 39pts

Div C (24+)

1st Tim Knight (27) 36pts

2nd Ivan Plunkett (26) 35pts

3rd Bob Lindborg (26) 34pts

4th Dennis Toal (27) 34pts

Tuesday, March 10, Phoenix – Stableford

Thirty-five players made up the three divisions here at Phoenix, playing the Ocean and Mountain nines in gorgeous weather.  Jack was here again to organise the start, which was on time and welcome today to Rob Hill, Chris Worsley and Allan Thomas, but unfortunately goodbye to Greg LeBlanc, who has enjoyed reasonable success with his golf over the last couple of months.

With three divisions we would be normally looking for just three winners but Martin Grimoldby and Mike Missler, who could not be split on count back, both having 20 on the back nine (Mtn), meant that we actually had four, as the division A prize was shared between the two of them.  Allan Thomas also scored 35pts but had a poorer back nine, nevertheless an excellent round of golf playing off just 4.

The other winners were Aussie visitor, Laurie Rieve (Div B) and another TIAC player, Murray Brown, who took Div C with the day’s best score of 38 points.

There were four ‘2’s from Mike Missler & Charlie Brown (M4), Barry Copestake (M8) and Allan Thomas (O5)

Div A (0-13)

1st Martin Grimoldby (05) 35pts

2nd Mike Missler (06) 35pts

3rd Allan Thomas (04) 35pts

Div B (14-20)

1st Laurie Rieve (17) 34pts

2nd Tom Morris (18) 30pts

3rd Charlie Brown (16) 30pts

Div C (21+)

1st Murray Brown (26) 38pts

2nd Abe Gurman (24) 36pts

3rd Peter Bird (22) 29pts

Wednesday, March 11, Greenwood – Stableford

We get many calls that we should play Greenwood more often but every time we try, the numbers are disappointing and the stories of the traffic delays at Amata City seem to remain the major cause of discouragement.  The course is fine and also value for money, but regretfully Greenwood will remain on the back burner for the foreseeable future.

The scoring wasn’t that brilliant today on the A & B nines and there were no ‘2’s, so half the field were on the podium, led by John O’Keefe (29pts) from Mark Kembrey and Phil Mitchell in one shot increments.

1st John O’Keefe (16) 29pts

2nd Mark Kembrey (18) 28pts

3rd Phil Mitchell (06) 27pts

Friday, March 13, Green Valley – Stableford

We had 65 players today which also included the TIAC boys so it was a very busy day for us and our goes thanks to Al and Graham for organsing their lads.  There were no mad hiccups and we stayed with plan A, which makes a massive change.

The quality of golf was, for the second week running, somewhat below par with the computer rating the course at 72 (one shot tougher) compared with the previous week, when the rating was up at 73, so one must wonder what the contributing factor is, maybe the inconsistent greens?

In Div A, Peter Nixon continued his brilliant form, following up his win at Burapha on Monday with another here with 37 points, five shots clear of his nearest rival, Wayne Cramp (32) and TIAC leader, Graham Holmes (31), both playing off 5 today.  Philippine visitor Rob Guthrie was fourth, also with 31 and the recovering Geoff Stimpson grabbed fifth on 29.

Div B was won by a very happy Jukka Kangas, who after a very ordinary 13 points on the front nine, romped home with 24 on the back for a total of 37.  JP Maffray was second, beating John Stafford on count back with both on 36, while Mick Beresford and Kim Danboise completed the podium, both scoring 35’s.

The best score of the day came from Eddy Beilby in Div C with 41 points to beat a gaggle of Aussies, namely Graeme Crofts, John Smith, Nick Shaw and Brian Milburn respectively.

Div D didn’t fare quite so well as Abe Gurman won with 33 points, beating Murray Brown on c/b, with Peter Bird and Tim Knight (both on 28) and Bob Lindborg (27) taking the minor places.

There five ‘2’s from John Stafford (8th), Geoff Stimpson (12th) and three more on the 16th from Jim Brackett, Jukka Kangas & J P Maffray.

Outback opinion: Weather – hot & breezy; Check in – good; Tee time – 10 mins early; Fairways – good; Rough – no problem; Greens – varying speed; Bunkers – ok; Value for money – good; Pace of play – four hours; Drink stations open – all open; Restaurant – not visited

Div A (0-11)

1st Peter Nixon (09) 37pts

2nd Wayne Cramp (05) 32pts

3rd Graham Holmes (05) 31pts

4th Rob Guthrie (09) 31pts

5th Geoff Stimpson (06) 29pts

Div B (12-16)

1st Jukka Kangas (12) 37pts

2nd Jean P Maffray (12) 36pts

3rd John Stafford (16) 36pts

4th Mick Beresford (16) 35pts

5th Kim Danboise (12) 35pts

Div C (17-21)

1st Eddy Beilby (17) 41pts

2nd Graeme Crofts (21) 38pts

3rd John Smith (19) 37pts

4th Nick Shaw (17) 37pts

5th Brian Milburn (21) 35pts

Div D (22+)

1st Abe Gurman (24) 33pts

2nd Murray Brown (26) 33pts

3rd Peter Bird (23) 28pts

4th Tim Knight (26) 28pts

5th Bob Lindborg (25) 27pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.