Magnusson magnificent at Pleasant Valley


PSC golf from Café Kronborg

Monday, Jan. 20, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

A Flight (0-21)

1st Tore Eliassen (17) 36pts

2nd Jan Ulriksen (17) 35pts

3rd Jan Lovgreen (21) 35pts

4th Andre van Dyk (19) 33pts

B Flight (22+)

1st Elias Magnusson (22) 44pts

2nd Graham Buckingham (24) 40pts

3rd Tom Cotton (23) 38pts

4th Dave Richardson (27) 38pts

Near Pins:  #5 Per Brandsrod, #8 Graham Buckingham, #13 Dave Richardson, #17 Elias Magnusson

Long Putts:  #9 Peter Hammond, #18 Carole Kubicki

Elias Magnusson and Tore Eliassen with Dave Richardson.Elias Magnusson and Tore Eliassen with Dave Richardson.

Pleasant Valley was the game today and we got off the first tee on time under very sunny skies and a light breeze, which turned into a gale by the time we got to the first par 3.

The course was in fine condition with fast greens and we took 4 hours and 40 minutes to get around, with a six-ball in carts hampering our progress in front.

Two flights today with the cut at handicap and Tore Eliassen won the A Flight with 36 points ahead of Jan Ulriksen who took second on count back over Jan Lovgreen, both on 35 points.  Andre van Dyk took fourth spot with 33.

Elias Magnusson topped the B Flight with a fantastic 44 points while Graham Buckingham was four points back in second and Tom Cotton took third on a count back from Dave Richardson.

Thursday, Jan. 23, Pattavia – Stabelford

A Flight (0-19)

1st Leif Kirkgaard (18) 37pts

2nd Michele Sancillo (8) 31pts

3rd Richard Kubicki (12) 26pts

4th Niels Hansen (14) 26pts

B Flight (20+)

1st Jan Lovgreen (21) 36pts

2nd Dave Richardson (27) 32pts

3rd Jack Robertson (27) 29pts

4th Peter Hammond (27) 28pts

Near Pins:  #4 Doug Maiko, #7 Richard Kubicki, #13 Richard Kubicki

Long Putts:  #9 Elias Magnusson, #18 Takeshi Hakozaki

We were off to our third trip to Pattavia since its reopening and teed off on the first 10 minutes early under sunny skies and a good breeze.  The course was in fine shape with the fastest greens around.  The new clubhouse is progressing well with furniture now in the restaurant area and it is slated to open in mid February.

We wizzed around today in just 4 hours and 10 minutes, not catching up to anyone until the 17th hole.

Leif Kirkgaard won the A Flight with 37 points, six ahead of Michele Sancillo in second while Richard Kubicki claimed third on a count back over Niels Hansen.

Jan Lovgreen took B Flight honours with 36 points while Dave Richardson was second on 32 and Jack Robertson and Peter Hammond completed the podium.