Lumpy leads the way at Burapah


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, March 26, Burapha – Stableford

Twenty-nine players travelled to Burapha to play the C and D courses.  The group included 11 visitors from Royal Fremantle Golf course in Perth, Western Australia and a great day was had by all.

The starters approached our group on the first tee and asked if we could send some groups to D course and to C5 as they had some slow groups on course and didn’t wish for us to have a slow round.  So with a three tee start and not too many players to hold us up, most completed their round in under three and a half hours.

Martin Kingswood, the top scorer at Greenwood on Wednesday. Martin Kingswood, the top scorer at Greenwood on Wednesday.

The course itself was presented as always in great condition as far as the fairways and tees were concerned, the greens on C nine were great, flat, true and fast but the greens on D nine have still not fully recovered from the scarifying and were a little bumpy and the scores from most players reflected the different condition of the greens.

With 29 players we played two divisions with 4 places in each division plus the ‘2’s.

Division 2 was won by Carlo Cocciolone from Royal Fremantle with 43 points on his 16 handicap, from Bob Lindborg with a return to form with 41 points on his 23 handicap, with third place going to Ivan Plunkett with 40 points on his 21 handicap and in fourth place was another Royal Fremantle member Robbie Kershaw with 37 points off 28.

Division 1 was won by Lumpy Russell, an ex-Fremantle member, with the day’s best round of 45 points on his 14 handicap, from Stephen Mann with 37 points on his 10 handicap, with third place going to the consistent John Cunningham with 36 points on his 5 handicap and in fourth place was another Royal Fremantle member Charlie Fiorentino (6) with 35 points.

There were seven ‘2’s for the day and they went to Lumpy Russell, Carlo Cocciolone, and Ivan Plunkett all on C5, Fidge Button on C8, Keith Buchanan and John Cunningham on D2 and Joe Palermo on C8.

Div A (0-15)

1st Lumpy Russell (14/Hi13.3) 45pts

2nd Steve Mann (10/Hi9.8) 37pts

3rd John Cunningham (5) 36pts

Div B (16+)

1st Carlo Cocciolone (16/Hi15.5) 43pts

2nd Bob Lindborg (23/Hi21.7) 41pts

3rd Ivan Plunkett (21/Hi20) 40pts

Monday, March 26, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Just 13 Outbackers at Khao Kheow today, who after a little confusion at the start as to which nines they were playing found themselves on A & C, starting on A which was generally met with approval as opposed to the tough opening hole on C.

The greens, which had been damaged a few weeks ago, were nearly back to normal and thanks to the management for fixing them so rapidly.

Welcome back also to Paul Sirban, who last played with the Outback a year ago almost to the day also at Khao Kheow on 25th March 2011.

Nobody broke par here as Steve Plant recorded the best of the day, 36pts to take first place in one division, as Martin Kingswood, who has seen his handicap reduced in recent weeks, produced another good round, scoring 34pts to take second but this time playing off 18.

There was only one ‘2’ from Dennis Pelly.

1st Steve Plant (14/Hi13.2) 36pts

2nd Martin Kingswood (18/Hi16.7) 34pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (17/Hi20.2) 33pts

Tuesday, March 27, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

This was last Tuesday of the month, and the last Outback day here when all 18 holes are available at this local course; as of Sunday 2nd April, the back nine will be closed for several months for refurbishment.  Arrangements have been put in place for players to play the front 9 twice (two tee times).

There were 16 Outbackers with the regular Tuesday organiser Barry Chadbourn back in charge.  Some new faces this week with a welcome to John Eyers, Joe Tynan, Sarah Humphrey and the return of Ian Covill here for 3 weeks respite from the UK.

Work has already started on the back nine with a number of tees taken up and a lack of watering making it very dry – but plenty of run!

With 16 players but no ‘2’s; we were able to have two divisions with three places in each, albeit that the split wasn’t very even.

In division A (0–20), regular Tuesday man Paul Smets (18) with 33 points filled the top spot with a count back for second and third between Ian Covill (14) and David Earthrowl (20), both on 31 points, with Ian in second with a point advantage on the back nine.

Division B (21+) went to former caddy, Laong Gatepratum (24), with the day’s best, 34pts leading from the ‘Hamster Man’, John White (24) runner-up with 32 points.  Final place was taken by PCC member Geoff Moodie (25) on 30.

The Outback has supported Pattaya Country Club for the past 3 years and will continue when the full 18 holes are back in play.  In the meantime for those who are willing to play 2 x 9 there will be slots available on Tuesdays through April and depending on numbers, a decision will be made for future months.

Div A (0-20)

1st Paul Smets (18/Hi19.4) 33pts

2nd Ian Covill (14/Hi15.1) 31pts

3rd David Earthrowl (20/Hi20.8) 31pts

Div B (21+)

1st Laong Gatepratum (24/Hi23.2) 34pts

2nd John White (24/Hi25) 32pts

3rd Geoff Moodie (25/Hi25.8) 30pts

Wednesday, March 28, Greenwood – Stableford

There were 40 Outbackers today playing C & A at Greenwood, the course was in good condition but after seven holes the greens needed a little bit of TLC but this didn’t dampen the scoring.  One would have to seriously question the rating of the course when even the middle ranked golfers receive two or three shots back and some of the higher handicappers getting as many as six!  Just reviewing the scores afterwards, with seven players scoring over 40pts and a total of sixteen playing to handicap or better perhaps underlines that this course is much easier than rated.

Martin Kingswood continues to play well and his handicap continues to come down, another 1.8 today as he recorded the top score of the day, 43pts to take Div B from Tom Bailey on 41.  Neil Lavery, having his last game for a while as he’s off to work in Hong Kong, took Div A with 41pts from the new Outback Capt’, Steve Mann on 38 but the best bunch of scores came in Div C as John Cogan won it with a marvelous 42pts from three tied on 41; Andy Makara, and Dick Hayes and Terry Ellis, both of whom were having their first game with the Outback so welcome to them and well played.

Capt’ Steve was due to play early but his other partners got delayed so ended up off last, so much for a day off, as he helped Suzi at the first tee sending the players on their way.

Finally, we would like to say Bon Voyage to John Player, Fidge Button, Barney Clarkson all of whom have to return to Aus but will be back soon.

There was just one ‘2’ on A2, from Paul Greenaway.

Div A (0-16)

1st Neil Lavery (13/Hi10.8) 41pts

2nd Steve Mann (12/Hi9.6) 38pts

3rd Bernie Stafford (16/Hi13) 37pts

Div B (17-21)

1st Martin Kingswood (20/Hi16.7) 43pts

2nd Tom Bayley (18/Hi15) 41pts

3rd Tony Pieroni (18/Hi14.8) 39pts

Div C (22+)

1st John Cogan (22/Hi18.2) 42pts

2nd Andy Makara (34/Hi28.8) 41pts

3rd Dick Hayes (24/Hi20) 41pts

Friday, March 30,St. Andrews – Stableford

28 Outbackers and 14 Rebels travelled to St. Andrews for the day as Green Valley had another tournament with a shotgun start at noon.  The course was well attended and our regular 10 o’clock tee off had been pushed back to 10.30 but as usual a number of groups that had booked failed to appear and we actually commenced tee off just after 9.30 with most groups completing their rounds in just on 4 hours.

The course itself was in good condition with lush fairways and good consistent greens that were fast and true.  Some complained about the hard bunkers but to be fair they are all the same and you just have to adapt your game.

I had the pleasure of playing with Dave Buchanan and his father Frank and Steve Plant.  Anybody that gets a chance to play with Dave who plays off 1 will see some great ball striking, great etiquette and great course management, fantastic to play a round with.

Welcome to new members Sarah Humphrey, Stan Dickinson, Jim Hoffman and Frank Buchanan.

We had two divisions, although an uneven split, with four places in each plus the ‘2’s.

Winner of Division 2 with a timely return to form was Steve Milne with a great score of 39 points on his 16 handicap, from the ever improving Martin Kingswood with 35 points on his 15 handicap, with third place going to Brian Maddox (22) with 34 points who beat both John Cogan (17) and Greg Hill (19) on count back.

Winner of Division 1 also with 39 points was Bernie Stafford on his 12 handicap, from the consistent Dennis Pelly with 37 points on his 10 handicap, with third place going to Stephen Mann with 36 points on his 8 handicap and fourth place going to Dave Buchanan with 35 points playing off -1 with 74 (Par for the course), beating Steve Plant on a count back.

There were four ‘2’s going to Brian Maddox on hole 3, Bernie Stafford on hole 5, Bob Lindborg on hole 10 and Martin Kingswood on hole 17.

Next Friday, April 6, is a holiday but we still have a booking at Green Valley for those who wish to play, the Green Fee is 1250 Baht

Div A (0-14)

1st Bernie Stafford (12/Hi13) 39pts

2nd Dennis Pelly (10/Hi10.6) 37pts

3rd Steve Mann (8/Hi9.4) 36pts

Div B (15+)

1st Steve Milne (16/Hi16.4) 39pts

2nd Martin Kingswood (15/Hi14.9) 35pts

3rd Brian Maddox (22/Hi20.9) 34pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or call Jack on 087 941 2474.