Low captures second monthly medal


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, June 25, Burapha A & B – Stableford

A good field for Burapha with 32 players playing the A & B nines from the blues; with nobody else booked to play until the afternoon, we had the course to ourselves and hit off 30 minutes early with all rounds completed in under four hours.  The day was sunny and hot but a lovely breeze kept up for most of the round which helped to keep everybody cool.

The course was well presented and the greens were great to putt on; with very little rain lately it’s amazing to see how dry and hard parts of Burapha are getting already and some of the tees, even though well grassed, were hard to get the tee into.  The fairways and greens were well watered but the rough is drying out quiet quickly.

From left: Friday podium placers Dennis Pelly, Suzi Lawton, Murray Hart, and John Low. From left: Friday podium placers Dennis Pelly, Suzi Lawton, Murray Hart, and John Low.

Just a couple of mentions; welcome to Rogan Hampson, another of the Kiwis as Geoff Christie returns to work and goodbye to Tony McDonough who was having his last game with us today.

Three divisions with three places in each division plus the ‘2’s and good scores were returned by the winners and runner-ups in all divisions but the scores quickly drooped away after that.

Paul Greenaway returned to the winners list in Division 1 (0-12) with a great score of 39 points off 9 and Dion Lane (12) had a good round of 38 points after some shocking scores this trip.

Rosco Langoulant (13) won Division 2 (13-17) also with 39 points and wiped the last two holes on the way home so what could of it been and Tony McDonough (14) filled the runner-up position with 36 points and has played some very consistent golf this trip.

John Player (21) found a bit of form at last returning a good score of 38 points in Division 3 (18+) and it’s great to see Bob Lindborg (21) return to the winner’s list with 36 points as the runner-up.

There were four ‘2’s; to Rosco Langoulant and John Player on A3 and Kev Reid & Robert Barnes on B3.

Div A (0-12)

1st Paul Greenaway (9) 39pts

2nd Dion Lane (12) 38pts

3rd Dennis Pelly (11) 31pts

Div B (13-17)

1st Rosco Langoulant (13) 39pts

2nd Tony McDonough (14) 36pts

3rd Robert Barnes (13) 33pts

Div C (18+)

1st John Player (21) 38pts

2nd Bob Lindborg (21) 36pts

3rd Jean Morel (18) 33pts

Tuesday, June 26, Laem Chabang C & B – Stableford

Disappointing number for Laem Chabang this week but the ten who went had a great day.  Laem Chabang was not as heavily booked as is usual and we got off a little early as two three-balls and a four-ball.  Unfortunately we caught up with a two-ball behind two five-balls in the first two holes but Bobby Driggs decided that the two Japanese gentlemen needed company so they all joined up to make another five-ball.

Bobby then made sure they enjoyed some Outback hospitality and proceeded to get them very merry along with his own group of Robert Barnes and Lamun Hanley.  They looked a sorry site by the end of the round but set a good pace of play so we all finished in under four and a half hours which is good for a Laem Chabang sports day.

Sugar Ray played with the Kiwis again to try and get their money before flying out back to Aus but had a shocker; Sugar is off to Queensland for a couple of weeks as he believes the Maroons need his support in the State of Origin – so look out the Blues.

The course (C & B) was great, especially the greens; they have got better week after week and everything was presented well.  We had only one division with three places in the division plus the ‘2’s.  The winner for the day was Steve Mann, showing a return to form with the putter with 39 points off a 9 handicap, from Robert Barnes (13) with 38 and in third was John Low (12) with 36 points .

There were three ‘2’s; two to Capt’ Steve Mann on C8 and B8 and one to Bobby Driggs on B8.

1st Steve Mann (9) 39pts

2nd Robert Barnes (13) 38pts

3rd John Low (12) 36pts

Tuesday, June 26, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

PCC had just seven players from the Outback today and not many more from elsewhere apart from a two-ball in front of us which took forever to play each hole; thus subjecting us to a longer than usual round but nevertheless, well under four hours.

The course itself, well the front nine, which everybody must know by now is played twice (white the blue tees); was is in reasonable condition although like everywhere is in desperate need of some rain, and the greens were fine, if not a little furry.

The scores from one division were lacklustre with the best being 33pts coming from Geoff Moodie, who cruised to a comfortable win from Chad with 30.  The General was out today for the first time since Siem Reap but continues to struggle with his game.

After a tour of the work being done on the back nine, it is disappointing to report that no-one was working and no machines were seen moving.  It is of course entirely possible that they were all on an extended lunch break but with virtually every hole looking like a beach, there seems little likelihood of them opening the back nine this year, let alone for the start of the high season.

There were no ‘2’s.

1st Geoff Moodie (27) 33pts

2nd Barry Chadbourn (19) 30pts

3rd Jack Moseley (20) 29pts

Wednesday, June 27, Siam Plantation – Stableford

A full complement of 20 players were due to tee-off this morning at 8.36 but one was unable to make it at the last minute.  The course today was A & B and as ever no fault could be found with the management with everything as excellent as ever.

Andre Coetzee was the last person to enter the tournament late on Tuesday and he was the first to the post, winning by two with an excellent 38pts, playing off a h’cap of 7.  Off the same h’cap was Ron Dickie, who grabbed second, with Brian Maddox third on 35.  As there was only one division, the podium places went down to fifth as Costa Rica boys, Steve & Jim took fourth and fifth respectively, both with 34.

There were two ‘2’s from Paul Bourke and Steve Poznanski.

1st Andre Coetzee (7) 38pts

2nd Ron Dickie (7) 36pts

3rd Brian Maddox (22) 35pts

4th Steve Poznanski (15) 34pts

5th Jim Bryan (16) 34pts

Wednesday, June 27, Bangpra – Stableford

Just a four-ball at Bangpra, which is a shame given that it’s such a wonderful course but very much a sign that we are currently in the low season but maybe the popularity of Siam Plantation is also depleting the numbers a little.

It was Suzi’s first game since returning from the UK and she did enough to take all the sixes money as well win the small comp.

There were no ‘2’s.

Next Wednesday we’re back at Pattana with three groups at 10am.

1st Suzi Lawton (17) 31pts

2nd Murray Hart (14) 31pts

3rd Martin Kingswood (13) 25pts

Friday, June 29, Green Valley – Stableford

33 players at Green Valley again as it proves to be a very popular venue and why not as the course itself is in good condition even though the greens are still not fully recovered from their recent renovations.

The last Friday of the month so the Monthly Medal, with all players having to finish every hole (no 4 over limit on a hole) and even though some players racked up some big scores, the pace of play for the first six groups was around three and a half hours but the last few groups unfortunately were a fairway or so behind.  Great day for golf with a nice breeze and a little overcast.

The starter was great in getting some of the groups off early and all players had teed off before 10.30; even though we had a two ball in amongst us that weren’t part of the Outback as they were late for their tee-time.

The best of the day score was a net 70 from John Low (12) and Jack Butler (10) with John getting the medal by virtue of his better net back nine and Jack having to settle for the Div 1 win.  Div 2 went to Muzza (Murray Hart) with a net 71 off 15 and Div 3 was won by Suzi Lawton with net 72 off 17.  To round up the rest of the podium finishers, Dennis (no longer the smelly) Pelly was second (72) and Capt’ Steve, third (73) in Div 1 with a surprised Joe Mooneyham getting third in Div 2 with 78, six shots back from second placed Barnsey.  Andy Makara (74) was second in Div 3 as Adam Oyston filled the remaining place with a 76.

One or two rounds were ruined by some expensive mistakes, the highest being an 11 on hole 7 and there were four 10’s on holes 2, 4, 7 & 8.  The toughest two holes were the 1st and 13th (both ave 5.69) and the easiest was the 12th (ave 3.44).

Here are one or two more facts about the round:

Best Aggregate Scores:  Front Nine 37 (+1) Jack Butler; Back Nine 38 (+2) Steve Mann, Dennis Pelly; Par 5’s 20 (Level) John Low, Joe Mooneyham; Par 4’s 44 (+4) David Dunstan; Par 3’s 12 (Level) Dennis Pelly; Most Holes Under Par 3 Paul Greenaway, Dennis Pelly.

Back at the bar there was the usual after-golf examinations but the approval of more stroke-play seemed to be fairly unanimous and the Outback committee will look into adding another medal round around the middle of a month at Green Valley or at another of the more popular venues.

Finally, players should be aware that from next week we will be teeing off at the earlier time of 9.30 and it will be Mark McDonald’s Birthday Bash, which is a 4BBB format.


1st John Low (12) net 70

Division 1 (0-15)

1st Jack Butler (10) net 70

2nd Dennis Pelly (11) net 72

3rd Steve Mann (9) net 73

Division 2 (12-16)

1st Murray Hart (15) net 71

2nd Robert Barnes (13) net 72

3rd Joe Mooneyham (13) net 78

Division 3 (17+)

1st Suzi Lawton (17) net 72

2nd Andy Makara (27) net 74

3rd Adam Oyston (17) net 76