Local hero’s first win


The Backyard Golf Society

The Backyard lads had another hot, humid but rapid round at Emerald last week.  With the management charging the same whether we walk or take a buggy it was inevitable that the motorized golfers would be getting around quickly during the low season with few others on the course.  The course itself had improved greens this week but the fairways are in bad need of a good thunderstorm or twenty.

On to the golf and the stableford competition winner was our first and so far only local golfer, Khun Wattathwat.  Wattie as we call him has not really threatened to win before this but he was in top form with 38 points on the difficult Emerald layout.

The par 3, 15thhole, near-pin was also won by Wattie along with the roll-over from the previous week.

The skins were well shared out with 5 each to Khun Wattathwat and The Quiet Man, 4 to Russell “He’s a Victorian and 2 each to Muhammad Biss and Irish John.