Lewiinski’s golfers hit roaring 40’s


Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Nov. 27, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Geoff Bracegirdle (15) 38pts

2nd Dave Boran (15) 37pts

3rd Paul Hack (15) 35pts

4th Larry Duree (15) 35pts

B Flight

1st Barry Tregurtha (22) 41pts

2nd Bob Tranan (20) 38pts

3rd Bill Eyles (18) 36pts

4th Nick Shaw (21) 35pts

C Flight

1st John Dearden (23) 42pts

2nd Don Lehmer (25) 41pts

3rd Gerry Roche (25) 41pts

4th Terry Mangan (28) 41pts

(Left to right) Don Lehmer, John Dearden, Terry Mangan, Geoff Bracegirdle with Barry Tregurtha at the back.
(Left to right) Don Lehmer, John Dearden, Terry Mangan, Geoff Bracegirdle with Barry Tregurtha at the back.

A good high season gang of 40 players left Lewiinski’s and Colin’s Bar to play our regular Sunday bash at Green Valley.  The course was in fine shape and the weather was hot and humid.  Three flights were required with four places in each to accommodate the players.

The junior flight gets a gentle jab from the scribe on occasion, even though he was a card carrying member, but there were no needles this week, just kudos, as John ‘J T B’ Dearden blew the doors off Green Valley with a terrific 42 points to top C Flight and take the man of the match honours.

John was followed up the podium steps by three players all knotted on 41 points; Don ‘the ladies’ man’ Lehmer, Gerry ‘the Irish rover’ Roche and his good Irish pal Terry pork chop’ Mangan and when the dust had settled it was Don who was awarded the silver, Gerry the bronze and Terry the iron.

The senior flight players had a man with 41 points, Aussie star Geoff Bracegirdle whowas three strokes ahead of big hitting Dave Boran.  Paul ‘the thunder from down under’ Hack took the third podium spot with a steady 37 points.  Two players were tied on 35 points Larry Duree and Chaten ‘the Rajah’ Patel and when the divots had settled it was Larry who got to fill the podium as Chaten was left at sea level and potless.

B Flight was not to be outdone as they also had a player with 41 points in the shape of Barry Tregurtha who was three clear of Bob Tranan.  Bill Eyles picked up the bronze with his solid even par round, leaving Nick ‘Elvis’ Shaw to close the flight on 35 points – amazingly this was the only score on the podiums that was not to par or better.

Monday, Nov. 28, Silky Oak – Stableford

A Flight

1st Oliver Orth (12) 44pts

2nd Terry Smith (12) 41pts

3rd Thomas Nyborg (15) 41pts

B Flight

1st Gerry Hughes (21) 43pts

2nd William Swan (20) 43pts

3rd Mikael Stafford (19) 41pts

C Flight

1st Torban Lindgarrd (29) 40pts

2nd Gerry Roche (25) 37pts

3rd Marcus Earp (26) 35pts

Near Pins: John Dearden, Bob Trahbrn, Terry Smith and Oliver Orth.

Long Putts: Mogen Jenson, Oliver Orth.

Again it was a large turn from Lewiinski’s and Colin’s Bar that left to play a stableford competition at Silky Oak.  Three flights were required with three places in each, the course was in good shape but the greens were slow.  The scoring on the day was very good with seven of the nine podium steps occupied by golfers with 40 or more points.

A Flight’s Oliver Orth was the best with his 44 point outburst.  That was three more than 12-handicapper Terry Smith and Thomas Nyborg; Terry nicked the count back 24/19.

The action in B Flight was just as fierce as Gerry ‘the Irish rover’ Hughes and William Swan were tied on 43 super points apiece; the luck of the Irish held up for Gerry 21/20 on the back nine count back, leaving Michael Stafford to close the flight on 41 points.  The Donkey was as sick as a carrot that his 40 points got him nothing but…

C Flight followed the 40s theme as Torban Lindgarrd took the top step of the podium with his 40 points.  Gerry ‘the other Irish rover’ Roche picked up the silver with 37 points as Marcus Earp was glad to snag anything with his 35 points.

Wednesday, Nov. 30, Burapha A & B – Stableford

A Flight

1st Oliver North (13) 36pts

2nd Kevin McEntee (10) 36pts

3rd Matt Cronin (18) 32pts

B Flight

1st Alistair Gall (20) 41pts

2nd Michael Proebsting (35) 37pts

3rd Colin Davis (22) 34pts

Near Pins: Kevin McEntee, Paul Garvey and Merle Humphreys.

Today Lewiinski’s and Colin’s Golf Society played Burapha and were allocated the A & B layouts.  The weather was on the cold side but all the players enjoyed the day, none more so than Alistair Gall who was top in B Flight and won the man of the match honours with a sizzling 41 points.  Alistair was six strokes clear of Michael Proebsting while the bronze spot on the podium was decided on count back as a trio of players were knotted on 34 points; Colin ‘the donkey Davis got his nose ahead of Nick ‘Elvis’ Shaw and the belle of the bar Tina Orth to take the bronze spot, leaving ‘Elvis’ and Tina at sea level and potless.

Oliver Orth made up for Tina’s disappointment as he took top spot in the premier flight with a solid even par round, mind you he needed the aid of a count back to secure victory over the unlucky Kevin ‘the Co Offaly gang leader’ McEntee.  Kevin’s good Irish mate, Matt Cronin, rounded out the flight with 32 points.

Friday, Nov. 2, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

A Flight

1st Sugar Robinson (8) 35pts

2nd Oliver Orth (13) 33pts

3rd Colum O’Donovan (21) 33pts

B Flight

1st Torben Lindgarrd (30) 40pts

2nd Ian Sinclair (26) 33pts

3rd Derek Briton (31) 33pts

Near Pins: Michael Swan, Colin Davis.

Long Putts: Mark Wood and Oliver Orth.

The gang played the very tough Mountain Shadow golf course off the blue tees on Friday.  The course was in fine condition and the weather was warm and pleasant.

Torben Lindgarrd did the best work on the day as he was the only player to better his handicap as he put a 40-point lashing off the field to top B Flight.  Torben on this form is lethal, so watch out.  Seven points back were Ian Sinclair and Derek Briton and there was no luck of the Irish as Ian took the count back 20-13.

Scotland’s Buckie boy Sugar Robinson was the top player in the premier flight with a fair 35 points and another count back was needed on 33 points as the man on form Oliver Orth made it two wins and a second place finish this week with a back nine of 20 to Derek Briton’s 13.