Lee cuts loose at Burapha

Lawrence Lee & Mike Rushant.
Lawrence Lee & Mike Rushant.

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, Oct. 8, The Emerald – Stableford

1st Billy Allan (19) 36pts

2nd Mike Rushant (12) 33pts

3rd John Baxter (12) 33pts

We started the week at Emerald where “Peaky Blinder” Billy Allan continued his winning streak. With two scalps already under his belt from last week he added another one today with a respectable 36 points. “Peaky” is not one to brag about his victories and many people may think that this is due to his humility, but we know the real reason and that’s if his missus finds out then she will take half, if not all the winnings.

Tuesday, Oct. 9, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

1st Derek Thorogood (18) 39pts

2nd Roger Wilkinson (14) 36pts

3rd Alan Murray (12) 34pts

Today at Phoenix was the first time in over ten weeks where the scribe completed eighteen holes without having one shank! With so many people offering advice on how to cure the dreaded affliction it just wouldn’t go away, so much so that he was at the point of calling it a day and taking up lawn bowls. But not anymore, having completed nine holes without a shank he started to find the sweet spot and posted five pars and one birdie on the back-nine, picking up another twenty four points and finished the day a very relieved man.

Wednesday, Oct. 10, Khao Kheow – Stableford

1st Mike Rushant (12) 40pts

2nd Ho Jun-Yoon (21) 37pts

3rd Ron Hulen (14) 33pts

Mike “The Machine” Rushant is back in town to escape the Canadian winter and who would blame him with forecasts of -40 degrees. Mike hit the ground running with a magnificent 40 points on Khao Kheow’s A & C courses.

Mike is probably the only TRGG contender to have any chance of upsetting the current Player of the Year leader (Colin Smith) who has lost a bit of form lately which might be due to a couple of late nights at the TRGG bar.

Thursday, Oct. 11, Pattana – Stableford

1st Neil Wilkinson (14) 36pts

2nd Chu Yong-Park (30) 33pts

3rd Graeme Gamble (13) 33pts

On Thursday we took on Pattana. Now most of us would like to play A or C first so as to warm up before hitting off the B course, which has one of the most intimidating tee boxes in Pattaya. The runway as it is affectionately described has water left and right which today claimed twelve out of twenty three tee shots.

Neil Wilkinson, not a man easily intimidated, cruised around the front-nine and posted a very respectable nineteen points, however he wavered a bit on the back nine scoring only one point in the first three holes but came back strongly with a birdie and a succession of pars to finish the day with 36 points and took first place on the podium.

Friday, Oct. 12, Burapha – Stableford

1st Lawrence Lee (28) 40pts

2nd Paul West (12) 34pts

3rd Daniel Willits (12) 34pts

Lawrence Lee has been a member of the TRGG since 2012 and in all those years has never scored anywhere near 40 points, but today was his day and he finally became a member of the exclusive forty-pointer club. With nineteen on the front and twenty one on the back he left the rest of the field trailing in his wake, with his closest rival six shots behind.

Saturday, Oct. 13, Plutaluang – Stableford

1st Kim Young-Seok (18) 34pts

2nd Ron Hulen (14) 34pts

3rd Shin Dong-Min (36) 32pts

We closed the week out at Plutaluang where we had a large contingent of players from Korea, and believe me there names are certainly not easy to pronounce. Kim Young-Seok (pronounced Kim Yun-Sock) took out the first prize with a score of 34 points.