LeBlanc shoots the lights out at Khao Kheow


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Jan. 13, Burapha – Stableford

A very windy and cool day greeted the 29 Outbackers who played the A and B course off the blue tees but there were many more players generally this week and a shortage of caddies, both of which created a much slower than usual round.

Chris Thompson had the day’s best score of 38pts to win Div B from the consistent Bob Mattes with 37pts playing off 25, having already come down 3 shots since starting to play with the Outback.  He will be cut again today and will find himself off 23 next time he plays!  Keep it up Bob, some great golf!  Stephen Blazsanyik (34) and Scott Wilson (32) filled the other two minor places.

(From left): Bob Mattes, Mal Ovens, Chris Thompson and Ian Parry.(From left): Bob Mattes, Mal Ovens, Chris Thompson and Ian Parry.

Broome visitor, Mal Ovens won Div A with 36pts from last week’s winner Geoff Stimpson (35) with lefty, Ian Parry on 34 and Peter Erickson, who is just starting to show some form, with 33.  Mal heard about the Outback from Fidge and Al Bryce (hello guys) and we had his company for a few games, we look forward to seeing you again on your next visit to Pattaya.

There were only two ‘2’s, both on B3, from Mal Ovens & Bob Lindborg.

Div A (0-18)

1st Mal Ovens (18) 36pts

2nd Geoff Stimpson (9) 35pts

3rd Ian Parry (13) 34pts

4th Peter Erikson (6) 33pts

Div B (19+)

1st Chris Thompson (24) 38pts

2nd Bob Mattes (25) 37pts

3rd Stephen Blazsanyik (19) 34pts

4th Scott Wilson (21) 32pts

Wednesday, Jan. 15, Khao Kheow – Stableford

The condition of this course has come on in leaps and bounds, certainly underlining that all the maintenance work carried out during the low season was well worthwhile.  25 players here today to play the best two nines, the A & B loops from the yellow tees.

Bob Mattes with Eddy Beilby, Sugar Ray Handford and Peter LeNoury.Bob Mattes with Eddy Beilby, Sugar Ray Handford and Peter LeNoury.

Starting on A straight into almost a gale, everybody knew they were in for a stern test of golf, particularly for the first four holes, with the par 3 third with the water all the way down the right, ranking as the third toughest of the day!  Second hardest was the very next hole, the par four 4th (Index 1) and coming as no surprise, the most difficult being the par four 18th (B9).

With so many players on a handicap of 19, it was difficult to split the field into balanced divisions, so the decision was taken divide the field into three grades, with two places only in each.  Div A found themselves with the worst scores of the day as Steve Plant’s 30pts was enough to win from Kym Thompson’s 29.

The Fairplay group.The Fairplay group.

John Fitzgerald’s last round of his holiday proved to be a winning one, as his 36pts won Div B from John Lawton on 32 but the round of the day by far came from Greg LeBlanc, who shrugged off the wind all day to record a brilliant 43pts off his 28 handicap, which included three no score holes!  Ed Turner also played very well for his 38pts to take second and despite Suzi’s two whiffs on the same hole, her 37pts also deserves a mention.

Again there were only two ‘2’s from Suzi Lawton (B8) & Greg Hill (A5).

Div A (0-16)

1st Steve Plant (13) 30pts

2nd Kym Thompson (14) 29pts

Div B (17-19)

1st John Fitzgerald (19) 36pts

2nd John Lawton (19) 32pts

Div C (20+)

1st Greg LeBlanc (28) 43pts

2nd Ed Turner (21) 38pts

Friday, Jan. 17, Green Valley – Stableford

With a breeze blowing and a slight chill in the air, 50 players turned out for Green Valley, which included twelve players who were partaking in “Fairplay’s” inaugural mystery tour.  Fairplay are a golfing group from Bangkok, led by Scott and Graeme, who play every Wednesday at the Thana City course and are good friends of the Outback.  General Jack has said that he intends to organise a similar mystery tour later in the year, so watch out for the flyer.

We had a slight problem (well, actually quite a big problem) with the lack of caddies and although those who had pre-booked were mostly OK, many hadn’t and it was pot luck when and if you actually got one; many of them having already done one round.  However, I don’t really think anyone had to wait too long before a caddie appeared but it certainly gave me a headache or two sorting out the start; which was not helped by three Korean groups who didn’t get up for their designated start time and eventually played in the middle of the Outback field.

Some very consistent scoring today, especially in Div B which Sugar won with a very fine 41pts.  But two back from him, were three players all on 39, namely Bob Finley, Eddy Beilby and Sel Wegner, who finished in that order after the usual c/b.

The top score came from Bob Mattes in Div C, who apparently hit some great stuff off the tee and his 42pts today will see his handicap tumble again to 21, which is down from 28 when he started playing with the Outback in mid December; 5 of those lost shots coming this month! CONGU, the preferred system used by the Outback for visitors and non-PSC players is working well.

A distant second in Div C was John Player with 35pts, who beat runaway Wednesday’s winner at Khao Kheow, Greg LeBlanc on 34, who had had his handicap cut by three since then.

The top division went to Peter LeNoury with 37pts four clear of three players all with 33, Steve Mann, Peter Erikson and Ian Heddle.

Finally, welcome to a couple of newbies to the Outback, Greg Vawdrey and Jon Adler.

There were four ‘2’s from Greg Vawdrey & Steve Plant (4th) and Stephen Mann & Bob Finley (12th).

Div A (0-13)

1st Peter LeNoury (11) 37pts

2nd Stephen Mann (10) 33pts

3rd Peter Erikson (6) 33pts

4th Ian Heddle (3) 33pts

Div B (14-18)

1st Sugar Ray Handford (18) 41pts

2nd Bob Finley (16) 39pts

3rd Eddy Beilby (18) 39pts

4th Sel Wegner (15) 39pts

Div C (19+)

1st Bob Mattes (23) 42pts

2nd John Player (19) 35pts

3rd Greg LeBlanc (25) 34pts

4th Bob Lindborg (21) 34pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.