Lazada delivers the goods


The Backyard Golf Society

It was a hot and unfortunately slow round at Emerald for the Backyard Lads on Friday, March 2.  A number of pin placements were unusual and with several others cut on slopes it took a toll on the golfers.

The winner was Owen “The Baker and Taster” while the near-pin was also won by the same player, as was the previous week’s rollover.  Owen won the largest number of skins with 6 but the biggest winner was Stitches Morgan, his 3 skins today boosted by 7 rollovers.  Russell “He’s a Victorian” also won 3 and there were doubles for Foos yer Doos and The Diplomat and singles to The Quiet Man, and Jason of The Argonauts.  The latter has turned out to be a surprise addition, managing to remain sober enough on a Thursday night to make the Friday morning game two weeks in a row.

Today was the last game for many months for The Alchemist, he will now return to Manchester and come out of the closet as a Citizen, as they are sure to win the EPL at this stage.  Foos yer Doos surprised all by not opening a bevvie until the 16th hole.

A notable absentee today was our only Thai member Khun Wattathwat, who had (because they only deliver on a Friday morning) to stay at home to take delivery of a new home appliance from the charming boys at Lazada.