Lawton leads the way at Pattaya Country Club


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, March 7, Burapha – Stableford

Thirty-one Outbackers played the A and B loops, the course being in its usual great condition, and it was a pleasure to play these nines for a change.  There was no breeze and it was as hot as hell just to remind us the wet season is coming. 

There was a few new faces today, amongst them Robin Peach and Jason Cole and welcome back to some familiar regulars, Dave Hewson from the UK and Aussie boys, Rod Woodriffe and Mark Holden.  Alan Pilkington and friends also joined us again today but we have to say goodbye to Martin Grimoldby who is on the way home.

Wednesday’s winners at Phoenix: Paul Greenaway with Raleigh Gosney and Jack Piercefield. Wednesday’s winners at Phoenix: Paul Greenaway with Raleigh Gosney and Jack Piercefield.

Have you ever gone to a golf course and waited on the first tee for your playing partners to get there?  You’re all excited as you haven’t played for a while, get your driver out of the bag, tee up the ball and get ready to have a hit.  You address the ball but something is wrong – then you finally work out you have left handed clubs rather than your own right handed!  Yes a true story, that happened to one of our players today whom shall remain nameless to prevent any embarrassment.

Brian Libbey’s 39 points was the day’s top score to win Div A from a resurgent Capt’ Bob (36pts) having his best round for the last two months; maybe he is coming right just in time for the Chiang Mai challenge.  Ivan Plunkett also played well to take Div B with 35 points on count-back from newbie, Robin Peach.

Ken Priddy didn’t go home empty handed either but it wasn’t for a podium finish, it was for the lowest recorded score of the day, 19 points, for which he received an Outback towel.

There were three ‘2’s from Dave Hewson, Robin Peach and Martin Grimoldby.

Div A (0-13)

1st Brian Libbey (9) 39pts

2nd Bob Philp (10) 36pts

3rd Martin Grimoldby (6) 36pts

4th Allan Pilkington (10) 35pts

Div B (14+)

1st Ivan Plunkett (21) 35pts

2nd Robin Peach (15) 35pts

3rd Benn Nelson (14) 34pts

4th Mark Holden (19) 34pts

Tuesday, March 8, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

An excellent field again this week, as 28 players turned out at the local friendly course, where other than the Outbackers, there were few to be seen.  The course was very green and well presented, even if the greens were a little slow but there are still signs of plenty of ongoing work.

Miraculously we didn’t get wet with storms all about, but the temperature drop was welcome, giving way to very comfortable playing conditions which reflected in the nine players all playing to handicap or better, making a tough school out there today.

Mike Allidi again gave this course a lesson, shooting a fabulous 70 gross for his 40 points to win Div A from his playing partner, Guy Canipel, who was beaten on count-back by Paul Smets, with 39.

However the round of the day has to go to John Lawton, who shot a best ever 84 gross, to amass an amazing total of 44 points to win Div B easily from the in-form JinJo O’Neill on 39, with Barry Chadbourn turning round a bad start with only 14 points on the front nine, romping home with 23 on the back to take third place from Doug Chalkley.

There were four ‘2’s from Mike Allidi, Noy Kamsantia and Jeff Bunn had two.

Div A (0-18)

1st Mike Allidi (2) 40pts

2nd Paul Smets (17) 39pts

3rd Guy Canipel (6) 39pts

4th Tony McDonough (14) 38pts

Div B (19+)

1st John Lawton (20) 44pts

2nd Martin O’ Neill (28) 39pts

3rd Barry Chadbourn (19) 37pts

4th Doug Chalkley (22) 37pts

Wednesday, March 9, Phoenix – Stableford

Thirty-three players travelled to Phoenix, where the Outback has not played for nearly six months.  We played the Lake and Ocean nines, which were in great condition and the greens were very true and fast.

Unfortunately the day was spoilt for some, as the skies opened up on the last couple of holes.  All groups could have easily finished as Paul Greenaway’s group set a very fast pace but not all groups kept up with the group in front and therefore not everybody was able to finish; commiserations especially to Fidge Button who had 34 points but could not play out 17 and 18 as the greens were flooded and time was running out.

Top score of the day and winner of Div A was the pace setter, Paul Greenaway (10) with 37 points, which was a great round of golf off the white markers.  Second was Jeff Bunn with 35 points, also off 10, and third was Stephen Mann (9), the organiser for the day, with 33.

Welcome back to the B Division winner, Raleigh Gosney (17) with 35 points and his mate Chris Dopp, who was warming up ahead of Chiang Mai.  Second was Steve Plant with 34 off 14 who beat Fidge Button on count-back also with 34, which was not a bad achievement bearing in mind, Fidge only played 16 holes.

C Division went to Jack Piercefield (23) with 35, beating his good friend Doug Douglas in the process.  Second was Barry Lewis with 33 and third was Barry McIntosh with 32.

There were five ‘2’s for the day going to Steve Plant, Bruce Milner, Raleigh Gosney, Barry Lewis and Jack Piercefield.

Div A (0-13)

1st Paul Greenaway (10) 37pts

2nd Jeff Bunn (10) 35pts

3rd Steve Mann (9) 33pts

Div B (14-17)

1st Raleigh Gosney (17) 35pts

2nd Steve Plant (14) 34pts

3rd Ian Button (15) 34pts

Div C (18+)

1st Jack Piercefield (23) 35pts

2nd Barry Lewis (29) 33pts

3rd Barry McIntosh (18) 32pts

Friday, March 11, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Twenty-eight Outbackers played A and B from the yellows and as usual it was the course that won on the day.  Capt’ Bob, who is fast becoming a drink masochist, allowed himself to be Lawton’d once again but this time by both by Mr. and Mrs., as it was off for an early drink, well before tee time. Needless to say, Mr. Singha took over well before the final few holes, a fact that was very evident in John Lawton’s card with 19 on the front and only 9 on the back.

We were joined by the TIAC boys from Perth playing the last round of their four-day tournament, so there were 14 groups all told, the greens were great and you couldn’t get a bad lie anywhere on the fairways and also great value for money.

Only two guys played better than handicap, Raji and Jeff Bunn, who took first and second places in Div A with 39 and 37 points respectively, with three players tied on 34 vying for the minor honours.  Div B was not quite so good with 33 points being the top score from Lawrie McBride and Raleigh with Suzi and Barry taking third and fourth, two points further back on 31.

There were three ‘2’s from Owen Walkley, Tony Gliddon and Barry McIntosh

Div A (0-14)

1st Amarjit Banwaitt (7) 39pts

2nd Jeff Bunn (10) 37pts

3rd Steve Mann (9) 34pts

4th Steve Plant (14) 34pts

Div B (15+)

1st Lawrence McBride (17) 33pts

2nd Raleigh Gosney (16) 33pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (16) 31pts

4th Barry McIntosh (18) 31pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country. All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.