Lawton catches fire at Khao Kheow


PSC Golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, April 6, Burapha – Stableford

Eight groups played A and B on one of the hottest days so far this year.  We got away early and had the course nearly to ourselves, which is unusual for a holiday (Chakri Day).

Stephen Blazsanyik won Div C with 40 points, from Ivan Plunkett (38) and Bruce McAdam (37);

Ian Parry had a fantastic 44 points to win Div B from Bob Finley (37) and Tony McDonough (35), whilst Stephen Mann took full advantage of deserting his regular Siam course because of the high holiday rate, by winning the top division with 39 points ahead of Peter Nixon (36) and Kim Danboise (34).

Friday winners and friends: (from left) Rick Forrest, B2, Steve Mann, Stefan Hoge, Asif and Suzi (sat down), Anton Rowbottam, Chris Playforth and Roger Shankland.Friday winners and friends: (from left) Rick Forrest, B2, Steve Mann, Stefan Hoge, Asif and Suzi (sat down), Anton Rowbottam, Chris Playforth and Roger Shankland.

After no ‘2’s the previous week there were seven today, coming from Kim Danboise, John Langley & Phil Mitchell (A3), Sven Ole Lund B3) and Bob Finley, Ian Parry,and Barney Clarkson (B8).

Outback opinion: Weather – very hot & humid; Check-in – friendly as always; Tee time – early; Fairways – hard; Rough – light; Greens – average; Bunkers – well raked; Value for money – good; Pace of play – four hours; Drink stations open – all open; Restaurant – not visited

Div A (0-12)

1st Stephen Mann (12) 39pts

2nd Peter Nixon (10) 36pts

3rd Kim Danboise (12) 34pts

Div B (13-17)

1st Ian Parry (13) 44pts

2nd Bob Finley (15) 37pts

3rd Tony McDonough (13) 35pts

Div C (18+)

1st Stephen Blazsanyik (19) 40pts

2nd Ivan Plunkett (26) 38pts

3rd Bruce McAdam (29) 37pts

Tuesday, April 7, Laem Chabang – Stableford

The low season is back and as usual Laem Chabang introduced a very acceptable Sports Day rate.  This great course is of International renown and it was a delight to return here with five groups.

Suzi Lawton - the Queen of Khao Kheow.Suzi Lawton – the Queen of Khao Kheow.

Playing A & B, the course was in top condition but the rating and slope of this course has to be somewhat controversial as many players found that their PSC Index, which they have been used to using as a handicap, actually went down.  Whoever thought this course was easy?  Even from the white tees it has to be harder than 68.6/122.

One of the beauties of this EGA Handicap system is that it allows players, both men and women to play off an equal footing in the same competition from different tee boxes.  Unlike the USGA system, which if used correctly in Pattaya would adjust a player’s handicap only according to the slope, which would mean say a player with a PSC Index of 14.5 (15) would be playing off 15.7 (16); but the EGA then subtracts the rating of the tee box (68.6 white) from the par of the course (72) and reduces one’s playing handicap accordingly (ie 15.7 – 3.4 = 12.3).

To demonstrate, Paul Smith (Index 3.6) could have played off scratch from the Whites (probably too short for him), but instead joined a group of fellow low markers who were all able to enjoy the longer Blue tees, playing off 3.  Calculated like this:- 3.6 becomes 4.2 (blue slope 131), then deduct the difference between the blue tee box rating (70.9) and par (72) = 4.2 – 1.1 = 3.1.  Get it?

Paul, playing from the Blue tees, had a terrible start with a double bogey on the daunting first hole on Mountain followed by a bogey on the second, but he went on to finish with 36 points to win Div A from Ronny Biggs (35), Andre Coetzee (31) and Tony Garnett (30).

Div B went to Peter Davies on 36 points, from Tim Knight in second who beat Mathias Herman on c/b, both with 35.  John O’Keefe took fourth on 33.

There were no ‘2’s today.

We welcomed Andre back today, who is eager to take up his role at the Outback, and said goodbye to Svenn, but the highlight for the writer was to catch up with Ron Ferguson from Australia… we played country rugby league together 43yrs ago!

Outback opinion: Weather – very hot & humid; Check-in – efficient; Tee time – on time; Fairways – slightly wet; Rough – light; Greens – fast and true; Bunkers – good; Value for money – reasonable; Pace of play – 4½ hours; Drink stations open – four; Restaurant – not visited;

Div A (0-12)

1st Paul Smith (blue) (03) 36pts

2nd Ronny Biggs (09) 35pts

3rd Andre Coetzee (04) 31pts

4th Tony Garnett (12) 30pts

Div B (13+)

1st Peter J Davies (14) 36pts

2nd Tim Knight (26) 35pts

3rd Mathias Hermann (13) 35pts

4th John O’Keefe (13) 33pts

Wednesday, April 8, Khao Kheow – Stableford

17 players at the course today, playing the A & C nines whilst B is closed for renovations.

Suzi, who loves this course, is known as the Queen of Khao Kheow and although her handicap has slipped out to the low 30’s (from being 24 a year or so ago), she meant business today and chalked up a massive 47 points to win at a canter.  Maybe there is some truth in the rumour that she plays better when husband John, who is in Spain, is not around.  Well done Suzi!

‘Old’ rugby league players Ron Ferguson and Tim Knight re-unite after 43 years.‘Old’ rugby league players Ron Ferguson and Tim Knight re-unite after 43 years.

Second place went to Andy Makara, beating Steve Mann on c/b after both finished with 36 points, and Mr. Consistent, Peter Nixon, was fourth with 31, beating playing partner Geoff on c/b.

There were two ‘2’s from Suzi Lawton (A5) and Peter Nixon (C8)

After the three 3-balls out the front, Geoff and Peter were playing in our first 4-ball; well they just about made it to the clubhouse before the heavens opened with a massive electrical storm, forcing our last group back for shelter.  Some of the Haven groups, who were following the Outback made it through I think, but the course was completely flooded at one stage with a considerable amount of lightning about.

That same storm hit Pattaya later in the day turning the place upside-down once again, which seems to be the norm now every-time it rains.

Outback opinion: Weather – humid, then cooler, wet; Check in – friendly as always; Tee time – early; Fairways – good; Rough – light; Greens – good; Bunkers – soft sand; Value for money – excellent; Pace of play – rapid; Drink stations open – all open; Restaurant – good

1st Suzi Lawton (32) 47pts

2nd Andy Makara (26) 36pts

3rd Stephen Mann (11) 36pts

4th Peter Nixon (10) 31pts

Friday, April 10, Green Valley – Stableford

At one point we had around 40 booked in to play today, the actual start sheet I took to the course had 37 but between leaving the bar and arriving at the course we were down to 36 due to a last minute cancellation, so unfortunately we had a three-ball in the middle of the pack as it would have been difficult to have changed everybody about; so sorry boys about that.

Joining us today from South Africa were Andre’s sister, brother-in-law and friend and I had the pleasure of watching a super shot from Andre on the first par 5 – after a humongous drive he ended up behind a tree, anybody else would have chipped out but he hooked round the tree and was on the green for 2 with a 6 foot putt left for eagle, which unluckily didn’t go in but even the pros’ would have been impressed with that second shot.

In addition to the comments below, General Jack said that the course was looking tired and was only average for what is an expensive green fee for the time of year.  The sprinkler issue is still about but they are repairing them slowly but surely.

We said goodbye to quite a few today who were returning home, including Chris Playforth, Rick Forrest and Craig Green, who all finished on the podium at last; Chris (33pts) to take 4th in Div A, Rick (35pts) to take 2nd in Div C, and Craig was 3rd in Div B with 33.

Top scorer of the day was Stefan Hoge with a very fine 44 points to win Div C by 9 shots and Andre’s brother in law, Roger, won Div A with 38.  The winner of Div B was Mathias Hermann on 38 points.

Quite amazingly, I think for the first time ever on a Friday, there were no ‘2’s.

Outback opinion: Weather – humid slightly cloudy; Check-in – good; Tee time – 10 mins early; Fairways – drying out; Rough – light; Greens – slow; Bunkers – average; Value for money – average; Pace of play – four hours; Drink stations open – all open; Restaurant – not visited.

Div A (0-13)

1st Roger Shankland (11) 38pts

2nd Pat Regan (12) 37pts

3rd Jean P Maffray (12) 34pts

4th Chris Playforth (07) 33pts

5th Kim Danboise (10) 33pts

Div B (14-18)

1st Mathias Hermann (15) 38pts

2nd Greg Hill (18) 37pts

3rd Craig Green (14) 33pts

4th Barry Copestake (15) 32pts

5th Eddy Beilby (17) 32pts

Div C (19+)

1st Stefan Hoge (19) 44pts

2nd Rick Forrest (23) 35pts

3rd Jimmy Little (19) 35pts

4th Bruce McAdam (27) 34pts

5th Suzi Lawton (23) 34pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.