Landis comes up aces at Pleasant Valley


The Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, Nov. 8, Treasure Hill – Stableford

We had 27 golfers show up for the round at Treasure Hill, which is a bit of a drive but a real treasure!   It is an interesting layout and the design provides a good but fair test of golf without monotony.  Oh, and the price good price too!

Landis Brooks (left) with Andre Van Dyk.
Landis Brooks (left) with Andre Van Dyk.

The weather this day was good but “nervous” and near the end it kept rumbling and darkening, but for once the rain held off until just as the last group was putting out.  Sometimes things work out.

The scores came in a bit high, with one special one far above the rest.  In the A-Flight (0-19), Andre Van Dyk (c/h 16) had the best score of the day with a magnificent 43 points.  How did Andre get so many?  By never quitting!  Two points were from an amazing shoe-less shot from the mud.  What a recovery!  Second place went to Brian Parish (14) a full seven strokes back with 36.  Mark West (19) came next with 34 points followed by Landis Brooks (8) with 32.

Kenny Chung (26) took top honors in B-Flight (20+) with a stellar 38 points.  Next came Don Carmody (31) with 37 points, then Dave Cooper (25) with 36, and Colm Mullen (28) with 35 points was last up to the podium.

Near Pins:  Tom Herrington, Luggi Fehler, Landis Brooks, Dick Warberg, Kenny Chung, Nigel Perry (2).

Long Putts:  Mick Coghlan, Andre Van Dyk.

Friday, Nov. 11, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

There was a full but manageable fifteen golfers signed up for Pleasant Valley, and for several it was their third or even fourth round of the week.

It had been almost a year since we last played here, so time to give it another try.  It’s a short but at times quite difficult course.  Sad to say the overall condition was only fair, and that is being kind.  Both fairways and greens were less than expected these days.  It didn’t help, but not their fault it was also a bit squishy and damp in places.  It seems like yesterday all we did was complain about dry, hard courses.   Are we ever satisfied?

The layout makes for lack of length by difficulty, and we also played off the blue tees.  That and lack of roll made the course play full length.  Still, there were several very good scores, and one in deserves mention!

Landis Brooks not only won with 39 points but did so in style with a hole-in-one on #17.   With his course handicap (8) it’s not easy to get a 4-pointer, but get one he did!  Pleasant Valley issued him a nice framed certificate, and Landis was kind enough to share his good fortune with everyone back at BJ’s.  The Tropical Golfers went two years without any aces, and now this is the second one in as many weeks.

Oh yes, there were other golfers this day.  In second place came Andre Van Dyk (16) with a fine 38 points, followed by John Davis (13) with 37.

The Tropical Golfers are experimenting with a Sunday golf outing, so go sign up if interested.  Emphasis will be on more affordable weekend courses, and joining a competition is optional.

Near Pins:  Landis Brooks (hole-in-one), Brian Gabe, Mashi Kaneta, Andre Van Dyk.