The ladies’ man on top form

Don Lehmer (2nd left) celebrates with the girls at the TPL.
Don Lehmer (2nd left) celebrates with the girls at the TPL.

The Players’ Lounge Golf Society

Sunday, Oct. 22, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Don Lehmer (23) 42pts

2nd Mark Watkins (24) 42pts

3rd Billy Eyles (23) 40pts

4th Eddy Beilby (23) 38pts

5th Peter LeNoury (14) 38pts

6th Martin Zimmerman (14) 38pts

7th George Young (32) 38pts

Near Pins: No 8 Martin Zimmerman, No 16 Gerry Hughes.

Twenty players turned out to play our regular Green Valley stableford competition.  The course was well prepared as usual, and a heavy atmosphere earlier on gave very little flight so the longer hitters came to the fore from the start.

The day’s honours were shared by Don ‘the ladies’ man’ Lehmer and Mark Watkins, each with 42 points but the sharing came to an end when the count back handed the bigger bag of loot to Don.

No count back was required for third spot on the podium as Billy ‘the hat’ Eyles had a rock solid 40 points.  But a count back was required to sort out the remaining podium slots as four players all had 38-point returns, so the golf manager Mickey decided to extend the flight to seven podium places.  Eddy Beilby, Peter LeNoury, Martin Zimmerman and George Young were in the mix and the resulting count back dictated that they ascend the podium in that order.